NFL & Politics: The Crossroads


Two things I enjoy most:  sports & politics.  Although they may sound like polar opposites, it is truly remarkable how often they intersect:

A high premium is placed on a candidate’s likeability factor.  We need look no further than Chicago Bears qb Jay Cutler to see the same in sports. Aloofness is his specialty.  I get it….charisma is a wonderful thing to have.  Two truths prevail though–(1) everybody does not have it….dare I say, many of those who demand it in others are without it themselves and (2) lacking it as a strength, is not an indicator of how well the person can do the job.  Don’t think for a second a half dozen or so teams wouldn’t welcome Jay…and his lack of expression…in a heartbeat!

Political discussions are filled with arguments that defy logic.  Flip to sports….somebody please connect the dots on how flags not being thrown when Carolina Panthers qb Cam Newton gets hit, are due to his size!  Folks continue to say it, as if frequency brings about validity…and it doesn’t!

It is not rigged! Humans are indeed flawed however, the system does work. It does in sports too…nowhere is this more evident than with the NFL’s New England Patriots.   The Pats may not win every year…but their well-oiled machine keeps them in the conversation season after season!

The political arena was abound with themes of hope in 2008.  LeBron James followed suit in 2016, and restored the same to the residents of Cleveland by fulfilling a promise he made….as a professional player to his fans & probably to himself as a youngster growing up in nearby Akron.

In any given election cycle, weekly polls seem to bring about a “Sky Is Falling” mentality.  A similar occurrence happened Game 1 of the NBA season when last year’s Western Conference Finals winner, the Golden State Warriors got embarrassed in their own backyard by the San Antonio Spurs. Did I mention it was Game 1?  Of 82?  Come on, people!!

Every now and then there is a newcomer to the political scene who boasts of being an outsider.  Meanwhile, straight from the gridiron—Cowboys fans can’t stop boasting of their rookie newcomers. The dynamic duo of Dak Prescott & Ezekiel Elliott have put a pep in what was once skeptical steps of the silver & blue.

Voters must show up…it is their right!  At Soldier Field, it was the j-o-b of the Minnesota Vikings to do so in their game against the Bears.  Instead, they were a no-show…on all sides of the ball…& the final outcome showed just that!

It Happened!  The country nominated its first female presidential nominee to a major party ticket…in ever.  And in an epic made-for-the-movies Game 7, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in what seemed like for-ever! Congrats Cubs on shaking that 108 curse stuff!!

One stark difference:  I very seldom root for the end of a sports season….but when it comes to politics, especially THIS season—the end won’t be a moment too soon!!

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