NFL, NBA, NCAA: Speak Up & Out


It took only a few days before I mustered up a sincere congratulatory remark to a Patriots fan on the a-maz-ing Super Bowl comeback win!  He’s a trivia teammate, Boston native, and I’m guessing by birthright a fan of all things New England.  Before he got too deep into a play by play of where he was and when…I gently mentioned being able to congratulate was not synonymous with actually wanting to discuss the game.  Something tells me Falcons fans are gonna need much longer than that…and let’s not even mention the Falcons players—wow! 

It took even fewer days for players from the championship team to opt to sit on the sidelines where the White House’s annual invitation was concerned…..

I’m totally in support of athletes speaking up and out about causes close to them….regardless of whether I agree.  In kind, they must know a door is being opened to possible consequences of their actions…as is the case with all of us: 

Kim Mulkey, Baylor University’s Womens Basketball Coach, couldn’t have been more out of line if she’d tried.  Not only was her timing off….as you mark a milestone win, really?  Her dismissive tone left many wanting to return the favor she’d suggested…and knock her right in the face.  The recent perceptions and opinions of Baylor didn’t just fall out of thin air, they’ve been well earned.   Now the latest in this tired saga has her making a tear filled apology….they’ve “admitted their mistakes”.  As if the powers that be were forthcoming about the culture of sexual assault they turned a blind eye to…in direct correlation to their football program’s rise in the national polls.  Are victims able to simply move on?  I’d strongly recommend Baylor’s ambassadors take whatever steps needed to get on the right side of this issue….for a change!

I seriously doubt it was the intent of Jameis Winston to alienate young girls in the elementary school where he was speaking.  But he did. I’m willing to bet that the “sit down and be silent” variety of girls weren’t at the forefront of us winning the right to vote…just sayin. Winston’s strong suit appears to be motivating the locker room….stay in your lane, Jameis, stay in your lane! 

Steph Curry has made his feelings about the country’s president known.  Should there be a decline in the sale of all things Curry, the sentiments of his fan base would be loud and clear.  The market has a way of reflecting where folks stand….administrations come and go but somethings never change! 

Or sometimes consequences take on other forms…like denial to something one covets. In this case, one should know that when one’s body of work is not overwhelming in the first place….there is the opportunity for others to be persuaded by your non-work related opinions. With this being the case, there’s a strong possibility Curt Schilling and Cooperstown may not have the chance to get acquainted.

I even support athletes changing course…as Colin Kaepernick has apparently done.  He now says he’ll stand for the anthem during the 2017 season.  Hmmm, I’m far more interested in whether he’ll vote…in 2018…and beyond!! 

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