NBA: The Art of The Chase


Several years ago I had the good fortune of planning a trip to Bermuda.  One of the many great things about residing in the Baltimore-DC Metro area is that airports are no more than a hop, skip & a jump away…..

The dilemma for this particular trip was…..a flight out of the closest airport would involve a trip to Ohio, a short layover, then a flight to Bermuda—totaling roughly 4 hours….whereas a short drive to another airport would have me on a non-stop flight—approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes away from the capital city of Hamilton.  It didn’t take a course on rocket science to go with option B.

My sights were set on paradise & the quickest way to getting there was the preferred method.  I don’t think many would blame me for this path of least resistance.  So the $64,000 question is—why in the world is so much made of an athlete who chooses to do the same?  

Although the lighthearted example of a vacation was used…..let me be clear, I know of not one single person…personally or through others….who has opted for the most challenging career path over the less challenging variety that would generate the same desired outcome—NOONE!

Why should LeBron have passed on the opportunity to play in Miami?  And miss out on growing as a person and professional in pursuit of what was alluding him at home? 

Why should Kevin Durant have stayed in OKC when they were “that close”?  For whatever “that close” means, it became clear that playing with Golden State would put him “that much closer”.

In the world of 9-5 it is not uncommon to hear about someone leaving a high powered job for one with far less financial compensation….yet the move more than makes up for money with its level of fulfillment.  If that can be the guiding light of… let’s see….the partner who walks away from a downtown law firm to teach in rural America…then why make such ado about David West leaving the closed window of Indiana to pursue loftier goals with San Antonio and now Golden State? 

Retired players…even those with short memories did it….Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Gary Payton & Shaquille O’Neal immediately come to mind.  I doubt they have any regrets, especially The Glove & Shaq!  Hmmm…must be something in those Miami waters!!   

Apparently the negative connation doesn’t exist in the NFL….Super Bowl Champs LeGarrette Blountand Michael Floyd did it.  Because essentially isn’t that what anybody who goes to New England is doing? 

If the commentary on this matter were to fade to black this very moment…it wouldn’t be a moment too soon.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt…when my next trip to an island paradise is planned…..the quickest route there will remain the first option.  Chasing rings?   On some level…we all are folks!  

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