NFL & NBA: Fascinated, Focused & Fired Up


There’s nothing new about our nation’s capital being the epicenter of current events.  Of the most recent, I took part in the one with a diverse, massive…some would even say huuuuggee, crowd.  It probably is not hard to guess which one I attended.  Everything about the experience was remarkable!  Feelings of “how’d we even get here in the first place?” soon gave way to an overwhelming sense of pride.  Well before reaching 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I was fascinated, focused & fired up!!  And because this passion could have a photo finish with my other passion, sports….drawing a comparison was as easy as good old fashioned American apple pie:

Fascination with age is understandable, at first…then it starts to become well, old news. The Australian Open had me up until the wee hours.  If I had a dollar for every time mention was made of how old Venus, or Roger, or Serena, or Nadal were…I could afford the airfare for all of the major tournaments this year.  We get it…now let it go. Only numbers worth discussing are championships, twenty-three for Serena and eighteen for Roger!  Congratulations to both!!

It is fascinating how New England is perceived as having earned their way to Houston.  What gets lost in the shuffle is the hard work put in by the Atlanta Falcons.  There is absolutely no need to argue who has gone to the big game more often….unlike fans of alternative facts, numbers don’t lie!  However, behaving as though New England put in blood, sweat & tears while Atlanta won a scratch-off to the first Sunday in February is more than a bit presumptuous. 

I may not be in agreement with how we came to know of the apparent level of discontent in the Cavs locker room.  Yet, it is separate and apart from how I feel about LeBron James being discontented. He has the right to be laser focused on the prize & want the best—from himself, teammates, coaches, front office staff, and an owner—the latter of whom remains at the top of my list of those most underserving of ever lifting a championship trophy….just sayin.

It has everything to do with the Golden State Warriors…they are really, really good folks…and nothing to do with the Golden State Warriors. LeBron didn’t just wake up the best player in the world—well maybe he did….but the man has worked on his impeccable craft.  You have to be a defending champion to feel the weight of a defending champion!  To that point, he also has the right to an occasional focus on the Charles Barkleys of the world who tend to take great joy in finding ways to take his shine. A clap back from time to time can be a gentle reminder for folks to tidy up matters on their own front porch, first and foremost!!

 “I’m hosting a Pro-Bowl party”….said no one ever!  I’m now fired up for the festivities that brings millions together…if for no reason other than to enjoy the $5 million commercials—wow!, a tasty slider, ice cold adult beverage, and a scrumptious combination of chips and guacamole. Except this year, in particular, it seems like so much more. Even those who have been living under the proverbial rock know these are uniquely tense times in our country & globally.  My mundane Super Bowl list has expanded to include opportunities to actively seek the spirit of unity sports has a unique way of providing.  May the best team win!!

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