Museveni Regime Acknowledges Army Desertions


Even regime now acknowledges mass desertions. Photo is said to show the tank crew commander, Lt. Alfred Ntale, holding stick, before desertion

Press Statement:

Freedom and Unity Front welcomes all ugandans and speciffically those gallant soldiers of the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), and other security services who have decided to abandon the collapsing regime of Gen. Yoweri Museveni and join the People’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

The contribution of these gallant sons and daughters of Uganda is of critical value to the evolving liberation struggle.

Even Mr, Museveni himself has now accepted in public that patriotic members of UPDF and specifically from the Special Forces Command (SFC) are abandoning the forces, the concocted explanations not withstanding.

Millons in Uganda now, indeed, so many from the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces, the Uganda police Services and the intelligence Services are overwhelmingly joining the advancing freedom struggle. They are actively organizing and mobilizing, in one way or another, to create a new Uganda without a decadent life presidency that has sunk so deep into corruption and all other anti-people vices.


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