MOVE: Call Governor Wolf And Support Michael Africa’s Parole

2017-09-03 11

Michael (Davis) Africa

Sometime during the month of September 2017 MOVE political prisoner Michael Africa Sr. will be making yet another appearance before The Pennsylvania Parole Board.

Even though it’s been slated for sometime in September we feel that Michael can have his hearing as early as this week. As in past practices over the past nine years the Pennsylvania Parole Board will call members of MOVE at anytime with out notice.

This has been a tactic that they h
used for quite some time now to throw the public off so they can do their dirt quietly without the public knowing. We by no means are accepting this.

For the past several years now The Justice And Accountability Campaign has always aimed our course of action towards The Pennsylvania Parole Board; that course of action ends now.

For quite some time now, Governor Tom Wolf has openly criticized the parole board and has made liberal cries for change within the board. Yet Governor Wolf has done nothing to rectify this matter with The MOVE 9 and thousands of men and women in prisons across the state affected by the parole process. In fact, it was Governor Wolf who appointed Mark D. Koch, a former cop, to The Pennsylvania Parole Board.

The fact that a high-ranking lifelong member of The Fraternal Order Of Police was appointed under the watchful eye of Governor Wolf and the continued presence on the board of Leslie Grey esquire, who always sides with law enforcement, shows Governor Wolf’s blatant disregard for changes within the parole board.

Governor Wolf also appointed Everett Gillison to the parole board in June; he’s a native of Philadelphia who served as deputy mayor for public safety in 2008– in his position he was responsible for the oversight of the police and fire department.

Leslie Grey voted against parole for our Brother Delbert Africa at his recent June 2017 parole hearing. It’s obvious that the Fraternal Order Of Police and Governor Wolf are working side by side to ensure that MOVE members remain in prison.

So it’s obvious that Governor Wolf is not interested in change. However, change is in the hands of the people and we are going to turn this wrong into right.

On Tuesday September 5, 2017 we are calling for a day of action in support of parole for our Brother Michael Africa. We are asking people to call, tweet and fax the office of Governor Tom Wolf and Demand Parole For Michael (Davis) Africa Am-4973.

Between 9:00am to 10:00am All Twitter user’s tweet @GovernorTomWolf Demand Immediate Parole For Michael Davis Africa Am-4973.

Between 10:15 am to 12:15 pm Fax The Governor’s Office at (717) 772-8284 Demand immediate Parole For Michael (Davis) Africa Am-4973.

Between 1:00pm to 3:00pm Call The Office Of Governor Wolf (717) 787-2500. Demand immediate Parole For Michael (Davis) Africa Am-4973.

Question the governor about his appointment of law enforcement officials and those advocating on their behalf on the board — this issue of the presence of individuals with a law enforcement bias has for the past 10 years been a clear conflict of interest as it relates to the parole hearings for The MOVE 9.

Let’s keep the pressure on Governor Wolf.

Finally, sign and share the petition to The United States Department of Justice calling for the release of The MOVE 9

We need 25,000 signatures.

Ona Move

The Justice And Accountability Campaign

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