“Money Mayweather’s ‘retirement party’ with ‘Beast’ Berto”


Money Mayweather’s ‘retirement party’ with ‘Beast’ Berto”

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Distinio Lois, Jr.

“The 49th will try and the 49th will fail”.

That is the forever “mind-set” motto of Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., which also, certainly seems to be the thoughts globally, of the fight fans as Mayweather prepares for his last fight scheduled for Saturday, September 12, 2015, before his official often announced retirement from the ring after 20 years. The pay-per-view event, telecast by Showtime Cable T.V., will take place at the M.G.M. Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, Mayweather’s fight “home”.

The selected “lottery winner” of Mayweather’s final victory tour fight is former 2-time 147 pound world champ, Andre “The Beast” Berto, 30-3-2, 23 knockouts, which generated the laughable criticism that the Berto selection is because Mayweather “fears” Amir Khan more.

The gleam in Andre Berto’s eyes are because he knows that this is perhaps his last opportunity in a major limelight fight with the king of the ring, Mayweather and additionally, will have a pay-per-view fight on his boxing resume.

As competitive as fighters are, the new born Berto under the tutelage of veteran trainer Virgil Hunter, also knows that he has a puncher’s chance of defeating the aging-38 years old-Mayweather, and make boxing history. Berto knows that he has a lot to win, and nothing to lose.

At his last press conference Andre Berto stated , “I am aware of the comments that I am just a ‘retirement tune-up’ for Floyd, and ‘cherry-picked’, but people don’t understand that I am on a mission for redemption having lost 3 of my last 6 fights.”

Berto did state further, that he had blocked out all of the negatives directed at him because he knows that he is fighting an “older, slower, perhaps shop-worn Mayweather who in turn is facing a speedier, younger, hungrier, and powerful, Berto. I am in the best shape of my life ready to shock the boxing world.”

Mayweather a gym rat is very much aware of what could happen so he is training as if he was fighting a “Pacquiao”, “Cotto”, “Alvarez”, etc.

Mayweather is a perfectionist who will always be ready to win. He is being paid his usual big salary, and he is satisfied, but more important than the money is his undefeated record and retiring undefeated owning the bragging rights comfort of being “the best ever”, in the ring.

In an interview with sports reporter, Barry Gray, Floyd Mayweather talked nostalgically about his boxing career, how he always worked hard to be the best, but more emphatically he mentioned his total focus was on retirement and “spending the rest of my life with my kids. I owe it to them and also to retire undefeated.”

Mayweather further stated that first and foremost is his preparation to insure his 49th victory. “I am not afraid to lose, but I train to remain ’10 steps’ ahead of my opponents and always win. I have done that my entire career. I don’t think about losing. It has never entered my mind.”

“I know Berto and what he has accomplished in his great career that is why I picked him for my last fight. He is a tough no nonsense fighter who I know will test me, that is why I train so hard.”

A confident Andre Berto will be well trained and focused but in my opinion he is in a “lose-win” situation.

The “loss” for Berto is that Mayweather will take him into “deep waters” and defeat him by decision. I do not expect a knockout although I know that Mayweather is “hungry” for one.

The “win” for Berto is that he will be well paid , and will still reside in the 147 pound community of the elites of that division, such as Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Kell Brooks, Amir Khan, Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley, Danny Garcia, Zab Judah, and Juan Manuel Marquez.

The entire fight card promoted by T.M.T. Mayweather Promotions, will feature an additional 3 world championship fights.

The semi-final will feature a rematch between Roman “Rocky” Martinez, 29-2-2, 17 knockouts & current W.B.O. Super Featherweight Champion, defending his crown against the former champ whom he dethroned, Orlando “Siri” Salido, 43-13-2-1, 29 k.o.’s.

Preceding the semi-final bout, W.B.C. Super Middleweight (168 lbs.) Champion, Badou “The Ripper” Jack, 19-1-1, 12 knockouts will defend his crown against, Britisher, George “Saint”Grove, 21-2-2, 16 k.o.’s.

Fight night at the M.G.M. Grand will begin with a title fight featuring Johanny “El Bombardero”-The Bomber-Gonzalez, 58-9, 49 knockouts & W.B.C. Silver Super Featherweight Champion defending his crown against Jonathan “EL Polvo”-The Powder-Oquendo, 25-4, 16 k.o.’s.


If Floyd Mayweather, Jr., 48-0, 26 knockouts, does defeat Andre Berto and retires as everyone expects, he will then match the great late Rocky Marciano’s unbeaten record of 49 fights as undefeated Heavyweight Champion.

What is disturbing to me and maybe to others is that suddenly after being silent for many years the Marciano family-brother Peter & son Rocky, Jr.-have publicly initiated a campaign to attempt to discredit Mayweather accusing him of building up his fight record by fighting “set-ups”, and “bums”.They further stated that Marciano was the “true” champion because he fought everyone and tougher opponents than Mayweather.

I do remember that in those days Marciano did fight everyone but they, although tough opponents were also veterans and “shop-worn”.

Some of those veterans who Marciano fought were Archie Moore, 38, a Light heavyweight who knocked him down, Jersey Joe Walcott, 38,-twice- who also knocked him down, Ezzard Charles-twice who in the 2nd fight tore Marciano’s left nostril which almost ended the fight in Charles’ favor.

Marciano also fought Light Heavyweight Harry “Kid” Matthews and British Heavyweight Don Cockell, and his idol, Joe Louis. Marciano cried after knocking out Joe Louis who he didn’t want to fight.

These fighters were elites in their time and also world champs, but when Marciano fought them they were past their prime and some were light heavyweights.

Why criticize Floyd for his choice of opponents when he has successfully won 25 championship fights and Marciano only 6.

The Marciano family as well as other Mayweather critics should also realize that Marciano and Mayweather competed in 2 different weight levels Heavyweight and Welterweight.

Another vote in Mayweather’s favor is that he won 5 division world titles, Marciano only 1.

All of these attacks on Floyd Mayweather’s legacy and matching Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record and or possibly breaking it by winning a 50th fight, sadly reminds me of the vicious attacks and threats on Hank Aaron when he was approaching Babe Ruth’s home run record.

  Records are made to be duplicated and broken no matter who duplicates them or breaks them.

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