MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA: Say It Ain’t So


Having suffered the devastation of a hurricane, things were on the upswing for the city of Houston.  Finding themselves in the postseason… after bulldozing through the regular season with 100+ wins…came as no surprise to the Astros.  Then came the hiccup.  They would show up and out…at home…on the road not so much!  It is what made a Game 7 at Dodgers Stadium even more suspenseful.  Say it ain’t so….in THE game that mattered most of all—the Astros emerged World Series Champions for the first time in franchise history!  Many congrats! 

Then came devastating news of a different kind.  Immediately following a quarterback skillset showdown with Seattle’s Russell Wilson…rookie Deshaun Watson suffered a season ending injury.  Fans..of the Texans and otherwise…gasped and shook their heads in unison.  Say it ain’t so! 

The team went into scramble mode seeking a replacement. According to Coach Bill O’Brien…the still unemployed Kaepernick is…not verbatim here…a good player that hasn’t played in a while.  Truer words have never been spoken.  Yet, actions often speak louder than words.  Somehow it made sense to seek and sign a player that hasn’t played since 2011.  No offense to Josh Johnson…but years of watching Law & Order tells me…Josh just may find himself as Exhibit A in Kaepernick’s case against the league!

In the column of folks that never seem to want to be outdone in the ignorant comments category, you’ll find Colts owner Jim Irsay. Andrew Luck has found himself sunny side up a staggering amount of times…each and every season for the last 2 or 3 for sure…yet, his shoulder injury is in his head?  Without question that is hogwash!  The real question is…what is in Irsay’s head….if anything?  A commentator mentioned that just because you’re a billionaire doesn’t make you smart.  Ha!  Say it ain’t so! A whole lot of folks believe wealth and intelligence are synonymous….and took that concept with them to the polls…put two and two together & got five!

The tutorials took a minute or two to start…but the Warriors are back in session.  One of the latest features:  How-To beat a competitive western conference team…by better than 20 points…and without your star player to boot.  There are no words.  Except those of a friend—who suggested the league mandate Golden State have only four players on the floor at all times!

I’ve said it no less than a fafillion times….in this talking head industry…while everyone jumps on the bandwagon of praise….it is seldom, if ever mentioned, the advantages the Patriots have simply by being in a division that is lukewarm at best.  Numbers don’t lie though….finally heard an analyst speak to the obvious—New England has never made the Super Bowl without benefit of having a bye! Thank you. If every player and team can be subject for analysis from every angle….let’s stop acting like we don’t see that elephant in the room—even if he is donning several championship rings!!

If allegations are true, what we have upon us is more Americans travelling to another country and committing a crime.  Words seldom heard coming out of China:  All Charges Were Dropped.  Still going to keep my fingers crossed for those young Bruins!  

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