Malik Shabazz News Conference — LAPD Accused of Assaulting Two Black Victims

2016-12-28 14

Malik Shabazz

An attorney representing two victims of alleged assault by officers of the LAPD will address a news conference on December 29 in front of police headquarters in

The news conference by Malik Z. Shabazz is st noon before the Hollywood division of the LAPD at 1358 Wilcox Avenue.

The victims are Black and the officers are White.

On December 21, Vyktoria Lamore drove Mr. Michael Noak, Jr. –Brother Polight–to the Western Union on Hollywood Boulevard in a 2002 white Ford Explorer when she pulled up to the Western Union at about 10:30pm.

Ms. Lamore parked on the corner directly in front of the check cashing location. Michael Noak, Jr.left the truck to go into the Western Union. Three minutes elapsed while Noak was in Western Union. While Ms. Lamore waited outside, a police car pulled-up behind her. The LAPD started screaming for her to get out of the car and they had their guns drawn.

They then screamed at her saying “get out the car, show us your hands.” Ms. Lamore got out of the car. The male police officers physically rushed, accosted and groped her and dragged her body on the street to the sidewalk.

Noak sensing that something was not right came out of the Western Union to witness Ms. Lamore being accosted and seized by law enforcement. Noak hung up the phone and began to record the incident. Ms. Lamore was slammed to the wall and was cuffed and arrested without reason.

Then Noak’s phone was seized and he was violently slammed to the wall. Guns were put to his head during this process. Noak’s phone was illegally seized. After some time elapsed the officers uncuffed and released the pair. The
officers explained that they had wrongly believed the pair were a pimp and a prostitute.

Both pair had to seek and receive emergency room medical treatment. Astoundingly they were harassed by the LAPD at the hospital in an effort to make the whole matter disappear.

Attorney Shabazz, nationally known lawyer and organizer, charges the LAPD with violating both Noak’s and Lamore’s 4th Amendment rights and other constitutional rights on December 21, 2016.

“Once again the LAPD had gone too far and engaged in racial profiling and repugnant acts of abuse and harassment of Black residents,” Shabazz says. “The unconstitutional LAPD policy of using force first and ask questions later has reared its ugly head again; only this time the victims are not citizens without a voice or legal representation.”

“There was absolutely no reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to stop and detain them nor was there probable cause for the arrest; and the assaults are illegal,” Shabazz adds. “Mr. Noak is a Beverly Hills resident, a consultant to celebrities and is a nationally respected and connected person. Ms. Lamore is a woman of
decency. Black lives matter and these two lives mean a lot to many.”

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