[Birthday Tribute: Malcolm X]

Revealed in Harlem, Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and received in the Motherland as a Power Book of Universal African Experience.

Now I am the proudest of the sons and daughters of the mighty planet earth, rich with the words of truth, sharper than the daggers and javelins; I am the Disciple of Malcolm X in Africa.

I hold the revelation as a searchlight for the folks lost in the wilderness of soul debilitating oppression and depression.

I use the searchlight to lighten my path as I hunt for freedom and justice in this concrete jungle.

The symbolic mystic X is the weapon of my native power to combat the foreign oppressive philosophies polluting the air of my sweet motherland.

Knowledge is the power and the power is the revelation in my possession elevating me to the sky like a jet plane, like a big black bird above the world, and yes I am the Malcolm X African Disciple.

Walking on the streets of the poverty-stricken world, I dream of a mystic pen in my hand, of living words of rich images which fill my head, of a bright white sheet, of poems screaming to be written on the sheet.

A mysterious big black pigeon appeared to me in a dream with words of inspiration from the garden of knowledge of my great yesteryears, the full knowledge of which will prepare me for a great rich tomorrow full of gold, silver, and diamond. I am the Disciple of Malcolm X in Africa. Wasn’t sophisticated; sophistication came with the self-discovering dream of levity and I spread the message in the name of total African Redemption as envisioned by Garvey, Nkrumah, Toure, Sankara, and others. I’m empowered by the force greater than the power of atomic bomb. I’m the son of proud Black Man/Woman, who prepared me for greatness among the races of the world. Yes, I’m the Disciple of Malcolm X in Africa.

I talk no peace but justice, talk no jive but freedom, talk no shit but equality, no permanent security but just recognition of everyone’s right to the sources of clean bread & butter in this poverty-stricken world we are forced to live in while few are getting richer and richer and the rest of us are getting poorer and poorer. Hear me now brothers and sisters, you & me, sons & daughters of ancient kings & queens & warriors, we must regain the lost ground & rule once again as kings, queens & warriors. I’m the Malcolm X African disciple, full blooded citizens of Mother Africa.

I’m unlimited by the artificial borders, my poetry is my passport, my guarantee, so ask me not for any passport & erect no gate post in my path for I’m a bulldozer to bulldoze all the gate posts flat to the ground. I’m a freeborn citizen of a liberated nation, need no policing of my activities or I will spit in the ugly faces of the ugly beasts of terror & turn their dirty brain around for positive education.

Brothers & sisters, embrace me as I embrace you in the cause of genuine liberation of the castrated masses of people from the dungeon of hypocritical madness. Understand me, I’ve got the solution & resolution as directed by the revelation crowned with the mystical symbol of X. I’m Malcolm X’s African Disciple, the Disciple of Black pride to neutralize the black shame; a black sunrise to neutralize the black darkness; black love to regenerate black life & black spirit to rekindle black fire; black understanding for black unity; black preparedness for black economic liberation, and black truth to neutralize white lies and hypocrisy. I represent the Black Sun, Black Moon & Black Stars & I’m the Black lightning whose strike is feared by those who want to hold us down. But we are a star that will shine brilliantly to announce the dawn of a new Black Century.


About the author of this review: Nvasekie Konneh is the author of The Land of My Father’s Birth, a memoir of the Liberian civil war. He’s also a nine year veteran of the US Navy. Nvasekie Konneh has written extensively on Liberian and African social cultural and political issues. His articles have been widely published in the US, Africa, and Europe. He can be reached at 267-407-5735 or [email protected]

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