Making History: Jasmine Twitty becomes youngest appointed judge in America


Twenty-five year old Jasmine Twitty became the youngest person sworn in as a judge in Easley, South Carolina.

Twitty’s appointment represents a historical milestone at a time where race relations have been at the forefront of social issues. Her achievement comes two months after the mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, an act later ruled as a hate crime, and one month after the removal of the confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol.

Through her role as a judge, Twitty will have the opportunity to create change in her local community. Her story will hopefully inspire other young people to follow in her footsteps and to seek powerful positions in the justice system, a system that we have seen, time and time again, is often biased and unfair towards people of color.

Twitty is already impacting young people’s lives as a board member of the Upstate Network Young Professionals, a network dedicated to promoting the development of young professionals and to serving locally through social and community action.

May her appointment be just the beginning of a lifetime of supporting justice and fairness for all.

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