Kenyan Protesters Torch Police Station After Sunday Killing


Kenyan protesters torched a police station in Kisii, in south-west Kenya, to protest the Sunday killing of a man for selling allegedly fake hand sanitizers.

The man was shot dead at the Rioma Police station in Marani sub-county.

The killing led to violent demonstrations with protesters throwing rocks, damaging cars, setting bonfires, and culminated in the burning of the police station. The police station was set ablaze in a similar manner as a police station firebombing which occurred recently in Lessos, North-West of Nairobi, the country’s capital city near the region of the Rift Valley.

In that incident 40-year-old Lazarus Kiropwas shot dead by police. Kiropwas was reportedly trying to intervene with police after they were harassing a taxi driver for not wearing a mask.

A Kenyan police officer is reportedly in custody Monday for shooting and killing the man on Sunday. Police Spokesman Charles Owino said he will comment when more information is available.

When the George Floyd protests erupted in America and around the world Kenyans also portested police brutality in Kenya including by carrying empty coffins through the streets of Nairobi, the country’s capital.

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