Jazzie Belle’s “Women in Hip Hop” Podcast Resonating with Listeners

superstar Jazzie Belle is busier than ever as the next generation's "Queen of Media."

Photo: Jazzie Belle

Best known for her award-winning TV and radio personality, as well as being a force behind the camera, charismatic and charming superstar Jazzie Belle is busier than ever as the next generation’s “Queen of Media.”

Jazzie’s podcast series “Women in Hip Hop” has resonated with her many listeners and fans for its blunt honesty, entertaining witty banter and for her many celebrity guests. “Women in Hip Hop” discusses the many talents and influences from women in the industry. Discussing behind the scenes dealings, the struggles and triumphs of women in the genre, as well as the experience of being a boss queen in the male dominated industry, no subject is off topic for Jazzie. Serving a wide range of guests, past talent featured on her podcast include Saweetie, 3x Grammy-nominated Rapsody, Wendy Williams, Joe Budden, and many more.

When Jazz isn’t hosting her podcast and interviewing strong figures in the hip-hop industry, she can be found working on her upcoming book “48 Bars of Power.” In the book, Jazzie hopes to inspire people to find their voice by sharing her favorite 48 bars that coincides with personal events that have happened in her life when struggling with self-esteem, love and faith.

With a natural entrepreneurial drive, Jazzie had many interests tied to the entertainment industry from a young age. Originally wanting to be a rapper, her love for the hip hop and R&B genre fueled her, but it wasn’t always the glamorous life for the Detroit native. Jazzie found herself in an abusive relationship as a young adult, however the story of Jazzie is not in her challenges, it is in her triumphs.

Her love for the hip hop culture propelled her to find a way to participate in it, leaving Detroit for New York City at age 19. Her ambition is what has brought her to not only be at the forefront, but to enjoy mainstream success as well. In 2018, Jazzie Belle was presented with The Trailblazer Award in radio/broadcast at The Black Women in Media Awards. Other honorees included fellow personalities Angela Yee, Flo Anthony and Cathy Hughes.

In the summer, she launched Inside Hollywood, an IGTV series interviewing the hottest names in Lala land like Jamie Foxx and Lin Manuel. Jazzie’s continued passion to inspire later drove her to launch the “Women in Hip Hop” Podcast, a platform that sets out to encourage women everywhere to overcome any obstacles & adversities faced in the workplace due to their gender.

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