Independent Investigation Needed in Police Killing of Adam Toledo

March 29th Chicago police killing of 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

Photo: YouTube

The ACLU spoke out Thursday on the release of the police body-cam showing the March 29th Chicago police killing of 13-year-old Latino Adam Toledo.

The statement below can be attributed to Colleen Connell, Executive Director, ACLU of Illinois:

“The release of the body camera footage and other materials by Chicago police today cannot obscure one, central fact: a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by those sworn to protect and serve our community. The video released today shows that police shot Adam Toledo even though his hands were raised in the air. The pain of seeing this footage only adds to the pain and grief experienced by the Toledo family and the community. We join all those mourning this loss of life.

The investigation of this death must be complete and transparent. The people of Chicago deserve answers about the events surrounding this tragic interaction. These answers must come through complete disclosure and public reporting, and not through careful assertions crafted by police and prosecutors. Given the long, sad history of the CPD, public accountability must be the guide post for this moment.

The anger and frustration expressed by many in viewing the video is understandable and cannot be ignored. Now is a moment to truly embrace impacted communities in a critical discussion about needed changes to policing – including the adoption of a long-overdue foot chase policy that emerges from true, face-to-face community dialogue and real change.”

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