How Can Dictator Museveni Whom U.S. Says Accepted $1 Million Bribe “Fight Corruption”?

Gen. Museveni

One man show. Military dictator Gen. Museveni has been in power for 35 years. Photo: Facebook. 

In a clan of hyenas, it is disturbing that the matriarch as the head would now carelessly instruct other predators that their activities and scavenging is bad. 

What would the carnivorous hyenas eat since their lives entirely depend on marauding upon other animals? Definitely they cannot begin to eat grass—that is living in pretense, and they would undoubtedly starve to death. 

Dictator Yoweri Museveni is the chief Hyena. 

In U.S. corruption trial the FBI referred to Museveni as Government Exhibit 1510.

The whole clan of greedy, bottomless hungry hyenas would not be happy with their matriarch’s perfunctory order. These animals live on wanton marauding without any modicum of thought about tomorrow. 

They strip the land of each and every living thing. They have no regrets as long as they are belching and satisfied for a day. These Museveni acolytes desire extermination of other species unreservedly without thinking that upon extinction of others they will have no one to steal from.