House Speaker’s Battle Puts Global Authoritarian Movement On Display In United States

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As the nation and the world confront political chaos and war, it’s essential to understand why it’s happening. The hard truth is that the chaos is a feature of a rising global authoritarian movement. Sometimes in lockstep, in other ways loosely affiliated, nations, groups and individuals are working to take away rights and freedoms, to break the international order, and to place power before democracy and human rights.

They hate anyone and anything that doesn’t look like them, sound like them, or worship like them. And they hate democracy because it allows everyone’s voice to be heard while demanding compromise and coexistence. They believe in using the power of the state to exercise their political, social, and religious preferences without regard for democratic values.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, the attacks by Hamas, and Iranian brutal crackdowns are all conducted by regimes that, for any political or religious differences, all seek to destroy individual rights and the ability of people to govern themselves.

Putin will not stop with Ukraine, and Hamas won’t stop with Israel. These forces do not have an end in mind. It’s always more power, more control, and more self-aggrandizing. They can only be stopped through strength, deterrence, international alliances, and, when necessary, force.

This threat is not just in far-flung overseas locations but here in America. While the most blatant example of the threat we face was the January 6th attack on our Capitol, Donald Trump’s continued violent and divisive rhetoric is a preview of the world authoritarians would create.

The architects of the violent assault on our democracy and the Capitol have only increased their stranglehold on the Republican Party. The once-great Party of Lincoln and Reagan has been destroyed, replaced by the MAGA cult of personality, driven by rage, delusions, conspiracies, and a will to power.

During the last two weeks, the United States has seen the extraordinary lengths these forces will go to destroy democracy and grab power. MAGA extremists are bringing Congress to a halt to block the government’s ability to function and provide leadership and assistance to our allies. They are holding up military appointments to weaken our military, hurt our readiness, embolden our enemies, and destroy morale.

As Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson explains in a new video,  MAGA Republicans never miss an opportunity to exploit tragedy and terrorism to place the blame on President Biden and Democrats.

The lack of a Speaker is moving towards a crisis point.  It is preventing the United States from providing much-needed funding in support of Ukrainian defense and assisting Israel with new support measures.

Yet once a Speaker is chosen, chaos will still be the first and only agenda item. A government shutdown is practically guaranteed, because Trump demands it and the MAGA caucus will help him to wreck the economy and our political institutions if it will weaken President Biden politically.

They are already demanding America end funding in Ukraine and send it to Israel. This is a nonsensical demand that demonstrates one thing; their support of Putin.

The movement in the United States is not just limiting itself to Washington, D.C. and foreign policy or military readiness. Gerrymandering legislative districts, voting rights restrictions, and a politicized Supreme Court are all part of the toolbox for the anti-democracy MAGA movement to take control.

This is a consequential moment in our nation’s history, and President Biden understands the stakes and recognizes the moment. He understands that our allies’ fight overseas helps democracy here at home. President Biden’s experience and moral clarity gives hope that the MAGA movement can be driven back.

President Biden understands this is going to be a long and hard fight. But he is the only one with the experience, energy, and determination to wage it.

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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