Herschel Walker’s Disastrous Senate Candidacy and The Dishonesty of The Power-Hungry GOP

The embarrassing U.S. Senate clown show campaign of Herschel Walker has thankfully ended. Amen.

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The embarrassing U.S. Senate clown show campaign of Herschel Walker has thankfully ended. Amen.

Walker exited the political stage faster than Milli Vanilli did when a malfunctioning tape exposed them as lip-singing performers.

After the November 8 general election, Walker was basically a no-show on the campaign trail while Senator Raphael Warnock continued to work tirelessly for the vote of Georgians. Walker, in effect, conceded to losing after general election night by showing no stomach to continue the fight. Walker was getting pounded not only by Warnock but was being pummeled by all the damning revelations and skeletons emerging from his closet.

Unlike Massa Trump, Herschel Walker could not quite overcome his abominable wretched history. Too many stories about abortions and domestic violence. And when Walker spoke from his mouth it was as if he was speaking with his rectum.

The Republican attempt to use Walker’s Black skin as a racial cover to undermine Warnock’s candidacy failed miserably. Did they really think many Black Georgians were going to vote for a sellout Stepin Fetchit character like Walker? Did Trump, and his Republican cronies, think about the lack of enthusiasm some in their right-wing racist base, in Georgia, would have in voting even for a Trump-controlled idiot like Walker?

The fact that someone this incompetent almost became a U.S. senator tells us much about the abysmal state of politics in America, especially among Republicans. Walker was conversing about werewolves and vampires at campaign rallies with the Republican faithful—along with talking about our “good air” traveling over to China. Then there was his now infamous erection\election gaffe, on television, while he was being propped up by handlers Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz.

Walker seems to have understood he really wasn’t ready for the task at hand. Republican leaders knew Walker’s competency could jeopardize their U.S. Senate aspirations. This is why they deployed handlers to appear with him on television interviews, even on the friendly FOX Network. In the end, it didn’t matter for someone as inept as Walker.

The person Republicans are blaming (some openly) for Walker’s loss, as well as their dismal showing in the mid-terms, is Donald Trump. Trump is now an albatross around the neck of the Republican Party. The Democratic Party’s fortunes were helped favorably by the election-denying, mindless minions, that Trump pushed onto the political stage many of whom lost like Walker.

The Republicans criticizing Trump after these devastating losses are supreme hypocrites. Republicans are only concerned now because they see the tide changing against them and they sense their grip on power slipping. These Republicans, with their pretense, are more reprehensible than Trump.

These are the same folks who refused to convict Trump in impeachment hearings—especially in the second impeachment trial, after Trump attempted to overthrow the American government, on Jan. 6, 2021. They proved to us then how treasonous they were when they protected wannabe dictator Trump.

For decades, Republicans repeatedly lectured Americans about putting “country before party.” Their duplicitous actions in aiding-and-abetting Trump’s obvious crimes have flushed away any fragments of integrity that may have remained inside the GOP.

If Republicans really believed in “country before party”, they (not Democrats) would have spearheaded the effort to remove Trump from office after the Jan. 6 coup attempt. It is insane that Republicans, who made excuses for Trump after American democracy was attacked by his MAGA terrorists, expect that they should still be seen as a worthwhile party by responsible Americans. How dumb do they really think Americans are?

Besides some of these high-profile political losses, like Walker’s, there are other examples of the public blowback that Republicans are currently facing.

For example, earlier this week Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Leader Kevin McCarthy, were rightfully snubbed by the family of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick when they refused to shake the hands of Republicans during a congressional gold medal ceremony.

Officer Sicknick lost his life, committing suicide, in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 coup attack. Sicknich had reportedly been assaulted during the attack by MAGA terrorists Julian Khater and George Tanios.

Sicknick’s mother, Gladys Sicknick, said this about the diss of Republicans: “We were talking about saying something and then we said, ‘No, I think the best way is to just ignore them.’ And we had no idea it was going to blow up like this. We just – we really didn’t. And I’m glad it did because I think it made them think about what they do.”

How many times have we heard Republicans claim they care about “the rule of law?” What about their talk about being the party of “law and order?” Of course, many of us always knew these terms are used mostly as racial dog-whistles. This is why Republicans sabotaged efforts to change the corrupt culture of racial policing and why they characterized the Jan. 6 coup attempt as no big deal.

Ask yourself this: with Herschel Walker’s alleged violent past—including threatening ex-wives and girlfriends with knives and guns—why would Republicans support this guy? Answer: because Republican Party standard bearer Trump selected Walker.

As the repercussions and aftershocks of the midterms continue, Republicans are now trying to excise the cancer of Trump from the body of the Republican Party. But it’s too late for that. The prognosis for the GOP is terminal. Trumpism has spread too thoroughly.

Now that Trump is causing them to lose elections, with unfit comedic candidates like Herschel “erection” Walker, Republicans are trying to figure out how to get rid of Trump. But Trump is like the abusive stalking boyfriend who won’t walk away.

Republicans may even be praying that Trump is imprisoned to clear the way for someone with a craftier form of Trumpism to be their leader. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seems to be that person. Moreover, DeSantis seems to be waiting and lurking in the wings for Trump to be destroyed before he steps into the void, since he can’t risk openly angering MAGA America.

Unfortunately, even when Trump is removed from the scene, violent Trumpism will remain. A significant portion of white America is horrified by the darkening of the country. And these gun-toting Second Amendment lunatics want to make America white again.

Americans of conscience must ask themselves this: why would they want to continue to support such a treasonous power-hungry political party like the GOP? Why continue to elect Republicans, who for political expedience, support and protect a traitor to America like Donald Trump?

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