Guantanamo Remains Open Because Trump, Like All U.S. Presidents, Can’t Close It


Trump delivers SOTU. Screenshot CNN

With the State of the Union address President Trump has announced for cosmetic purposes that he has signed an executive order keeping the illegal Guantanamo Bay prison operated by the United States open indefintely.

Despite having the title of Commander-in-Chief the president of the United States does not run the country. The United States since the era of President Johnson has been a hot dog and hamburger Republic with a civilian facade with the public voting every four years for a new personality to speak for those who are really in charge.

Of course if the public pays attention they will notice that foreign policy and wars do not change with the change of presidents. Right or wrong? This was the case with the Viet Nam war –waged by both Republican and Democratic administrations– and now with Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

President Obama falsely promised to close this disgraceful holding facility for eight years and nothing happened because Guantanamo is outside of civilian control but no one will admit that.

President Trump does not have the authority to close the facility but pretends that he is giving it his blessing to keeping it open when in fact he is only following orders from the military who took over this country long ago.

America you are number one in being bamboozled and tricked into believing that the government is run by the people and for the people.

This is why the Pentagon gets most of the taxpayer’s money–discretionary funding for 2017 was $600 billion out of $4.1 trillion in total U.S. expenditure.

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