Georgia: Remembering The Thiokol Explosion Victims 53 Years Later

By Economic Policy Institute

Photos: Economic Policy Institute\Thiokol Memorial Project Inc

Welcome to EPI News for February 7, 2024. In this edition of EPI News, we examine the tragedy of the Thiokol explosion as our kickoff to Black History Month.

Each week this month we’ll feature a Black history in economics spotlight. Plus, a strong labor market, why the Senate should reject a bad deal for asylum seekers, and how to close the Black-white achievement gap in schools.

On February 3, 1971, 29 workers (mostly Black women) were killed and more than 50 were injured in an explosion at the Thiokol Chemical Corporation Plant in Woodbine, GA.

It remains one of the worst, though lesser known, industrial accidents in U.S. history.


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