Georgia: King Family Meeting Biden To Convey Urgent Need For Voting Rights Action

President Biden in Georgia before the President’s speech on voting rights

Photos: Twitter\YouTube

Atlanta, GA – Martin Luther King III and Arndrea Waters King will meet with President Biden in Georgia before the President’s speech on voting rights legislation Tuesday. The visit comes only days before MLK Day voting rights mobilizations commence in Arizona and D.C., where Martin Luther King III, Arndrea Waters King and over 150 partner organizations will collectively call on the Senate and the White House to deliver for voting rights, like they delivered for bridges.

Civil rights leader and Drum Major Institute Chairman Martin Luther King III made the following statement:

“We are grateful for the opportunity to meet with the President to express our deep concerns for the state of our democracy, and convey that his visit cannot be a mere formality. We see his speech as a critical first step in a series of actions to move voting rights legislation forward.

“We also support the Georgia groups who have decided not to attend the President’s speech today — they’re frustrated after a year of inaction and we are too. We’re in communication with them and stand in solidarity to ensure voting rights get done.

“We’ve seen what’s possible when President Biden uses the full weight of his office to deliver for bridges, and now we need to see him do the same for voting rights. We are hopeful that after tomorrow’s trip to our home state, the President will honor my father’s legacy by traveling back to Washington and using every political chip he has to ensure the filibuster doesn’t obstruct the right to vote for Black and Brown Americans.”

Civil rights leader and Drum Major Institute President Arndrea Waters King made the following statement:

“Attending today’s speech was a hard decision because I believe this moment is too urgent for words and ceremonies. We support the local groups who feel the same and have had enough, because we too have had enough.

“We are eager for the opportunity to join President Biden to discuss his plan for tackling voting rights legislation and rules reform ahead of our MLK Day mobilizations. We are hopeful that by traveling to Georgia, the birthplace of Dr. King and the historic resistance movement he led, President Biden will precipitate urgent legislative action on voting rights. But we need to hear strong words on the filibuster, and then we need to see even stronger action in Washington to ensure my father-in-law’s voting rights legacy is restored and expanded.”


The Arizona Deliver for Voting Rights Mobilization will kick-off a weekend of actions centered around Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Martin Luther King III, Arndrea Waters King, Yolanda Renee King, civil rights leaders, community organizers, and others across the country will cross bridges to send a clear message to President Biden and Congress: you delivered for bridges, now deliver for voting rights. The mobilizations will culminate in D.C., as Martin Luther King III and his family joins the annual D.C. Peace Walk on January 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day — and the deadline that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer set for debating Senate rule reforms to ensure free and fair elections for all. Learn more at

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