Off-duty Cops from Sweden show NYPD how to arrest black suspects without injuries. Photo Provided by Daily Kos.

Four off-duty police officers from Sweden put American police officers to shame when they broke up a fight during a scuffle between two Black homeless men on Wednesday.

The incident occurred on the No. 6 train. The four off-duty officers, on vacation in New York, were on their way to see Les Miserables on Broadway, when a shouting match between the two homeless men quickly escalated into a standoff.

The four off-duty officers quickly jumped into action, subduing the two men before anyone could get hurt. When NYPD officers finally arrived, the two homeless men were taken into custody without a scratch on them.

The takedown was recorded on cell phone by a bystander, which clearly shows the four officers calmly talking and easing tensions between the two Black men. Even as one of the homeless men becomes irritated, the four officers remain professional and ask the men if they were okay.

‘I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!’ screams one homeless man in the video. 

‘Take it easy, just calm down,’ one of the Swedish officers tells him.

Just last week, White Police Officer Jesse Kidder in New Richmond, Ohio, received praise from his Police Chief when he restrained from discharging his weapon on a White suspect.

The video shows the possibly armed, double-homicide suspect charging Officer Kidder with one of his hands in his pocket. Even after the suspect knocks Kidder to the ground, he never discharges his weapon and continues to reason with the White suspect until backup arrives.

Unfortunately, this has been far from the case when several White American Police Officers recently found themselves in confrontations with unarmed black men.

On April 2nd, a reserve deputy in Tulsa, Ok, shot the unarmed Eric Harris. Harris was already subdued when Deputy Robert Bates, 73, shot him. Bates later claimed he thought he was using his stun gun and not his revolver.

On April 4th, Walter Scott, also unarmed, was shot eight times in the back in North Charleston, S.C, when he decided to bail from his car during a routine traffic stop. Scott gave the officer, Slager, in that incident no indication to fear for his life. However, he was still gunned down like an animal for no apparent reason.

On April 19th, Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Black man from Maryland, who only allegedly had a concealed pocket knife on him, sustained fatal spinal injuries while in police custody. Gray died seven days later.

Now, around the country, protestors have taken to the streets in cries for justice.

In light of the recent incident involving the now famous four Swedish Police Officers who showed the NYPD how an arrest of a Black man should be done, Police Commissioner Bratton told the New York Post:

“‘I was noticing that the moves that they made are very much the same moves that we now teach our young people at the academy in terms of how to take people down in a way trying to ensure that they’re not injured during that apprehension.” 

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