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Sandra Diaz, a former employee at Trump’s National Golf Club at Bedminster, New Jersey shown with Rep. Jimmy Gomez.
Photo: Facebook

The following is a statement from Sandra Diaz, a former employee for Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, who was undocumented during her time of employment:

After a week where Latinos were massacred by a gunman inspired by anti-immigrant rhetoric and a massive raid targeting immigrant workers – but not the employers who hired them – Donald Trump heads to Bedminster today to begin his vacation.

As the Washington Post again has shown us about construction workers for Trump, Bedminster exists because of undocumented immigrant labor. We built it. We cared for him, his family and his guests. We tended the grounds. Same for his other properties. He knows that. His members and guests know it, too. His family sure does.

After this week of all weeks, Trump visiting Bedminster shines a harsh spotlight on how his hateful language and his administration’s policies target the very people who keep him in business. The cruelty is on full display, so is his hypocrisy. As Trump Company Employer-in-Chief he knowingly hires good, hard-working undocumented workers to exploit them; while as the President he chooses to demonize, terrorize and deport them. Shameful.

From the people who took care of you, your family and your guests: please just stop Mr. Trump.

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