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Honoree Natasha Green


Natasha Green is a Tech-preneur for “We Intervene,” an online Referral Management System for Schools. “We Intervene” focuses on empowering school counselors and parent-coordinators to share opportunities and resources with students and families in order to enable students to reach their potential socially and academically.

“We Intervene” began in November 2014. Within a year it had won startup funds in two competitions. “We Intervene” was a runner-up in the New York StartUP! 2015 Business Plan Competition and won the NYC BigApps Battlefield competition. The next step is creating a board to develop strategies to accomplish our current and future goals.

Formerly, Natasha was a Mathematics Teacher for the New York City Department of Education and a Dean of Discipline. It was during this time that she got the idea for “We Intervene.” Natasha believes that at-risk students in urban communities should to be supported by community resources that will mediate on their behalf and resolve negative behaviors before these students are faced with  detention or suspensions.

Natasha is also continuing her own education. She studies molecular diodes at Long Island University. She realizes that as more transistors fit into smaller spaces, it will become necessary to develop new materials that are not silicon based. This only can be done is by using the laws of Quantum Chemistry to observe conductance at the atomic level.  A transistor controls the movement of electrons meaning it controls electricity and this correlates to speed of technological devices. In order to pack more transistors in the same surface one will have to miniaturize the components that are used to make transistors while not impacting output.  Output related to computers must have the same or faster speed when receiving, storing or manipulating data. As they build the transistors smaller and smaller, electrons no longer behave as classical particles and one has to have an understanding of quantum mechanics. Natasha’s analysis examines how we can create molecular diodes that can be constructed into transistors to ensure computers are working at optimal speed and potential.

Volunteerism: Natasha Green is a Community Leader for the Anita Borg Institute, NYC Chapter. She is on the Advisory Board of The Knowledge House in the South Bronx. The Knowledge House focuses on teaching over-age and under-credited minority students the skills necessary for entry-level jobs in technology. Besides volunteering for Girls Who Code & Black Girls Code, Natasha leads Meetup groups and creates events that allow attendees to share and implement their ideas and improve their education.

Education: Natasha holds a Masters in Mathematics Education and Educational Leadership. She is currently a Masters Candidate for Computational Chemistry. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry. She graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School from the Macy’s Einstein Program. Natasha taught herself Computer Science and took General Assembly’s 12-week Web Development Immersion program.

Entrepreneur: Natasha has an archery business located in Brooklyn, NY. Natasha was inspired by her belief that all people are gems who need the proper setting and support for their talents to flourish. Archery was not easily accessible to all New Yorkers until she got involved. Natasha’s mobile archery unit, her Brooklyn spot and her team consisting of Candice, Caro, Bryant, Richard, Quailin, Jolene and Andrew has impacted hundreds through the sport of archery. She envisions Hidden Gems Archery diverse team taking the Archery World by storm.

Black Star Annual Awards: Please join us on December 18, 2015 at MIST Harlem at 46 W 116th St, New York, NY 10026 from 6PM to 10PM where Natasha will join Mayor David Dinkins, Rep. Charles Rangel, Rep. Yvette Clarke, the Central Park 5 and others as one of this year’s Black Star News Annual Excellence Awards Dinner honoree.

“Each honoree chosen for recognition has demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision in her or his respective profession or endeavor and in some significant measure has contributed towards creating a more just society in this country,” says Black Star News founder and publisher Milton Allimadi. “Obviously much work needs to be done here and around the world.”

Past Black Star News honorees have included: Gil Noble (Like It Is), Rep. Maxine Waters, Soledad O’Brien (CNN), Ms. Camille Cosby, Voza Rivers (New Heritage Theatre), Errol Louis (NY1 News), Amel Larrieux (Entertainer), Dr. William Pollard (Medgar Evers College), Herm Edwards (NY Jets), Nayaba Arinde (Amsterdam News), La-Verna Fountain (Columbia University), Lillian Roberts (DC37), Desiree Dancy (New York Times), Greg Floyd (Local 237), Rev. Al Sharpton (National Action Network), and many others.

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