Fearless Fund CEO Urges Biden To Take Executive Action On DEI

Photos: Fearless Fund

Atlanta, GA (June 8, 2024) – Arian Simone, Founding Partner and CEO of the Fearless Found and Founder of the Fearless Foundation, on Friday night urged President Biden to take executive action to protect diversity, equity, and inclusion, as a right-wing effort continuously seeks to dismantle it. Simone’s discussion with Abby Phillip on CNN NewsNight was her first appearance since a three-judge panel issued a ruling Monday that upheld an injunction in Edward Blum’s lawsuit against the venture capital fund and foundation.

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“Right now I would like to send a signal and a request to the United States of America to issue an executive order to stand up for DEI,” Simone told Phillip when asked what else can be done to combat the case. “We deserve the right to protect the ability to fund marginalized communities and demographics that can be clearly shown there are racial disparities. We deserve that. We need an executive order. We need a signal to the DOJ.”

On Monday, judges in the 11th Circuit of the U.S. Court of appeals voted 2-1 to uphold the injunction against the Fearless Fund and Fearless Foundation. They sided with another three-judge panel within the circuit that last fall overruled a U.S. District Court judge’s decision to deny the injunction. Monday’s decision was widely decried across the nation – including by celebrities, civil rights organizations including the National Action Network, National Urban League, and NAACP, and business leaders.

About Fearless Fund:
The Fearless Fund is committed to fostering fairness and inclusivity by guaranteeing equal opportunities for every individual. Their vision is to establish a global society where marginalized communities, specifically women of color, are empowered with unbiased access to the necessary resources and assistance to unlock success in the business realm. Through these efforts, the Fearless Fund contributes to the advancement of an entire global community.

About Fearless Foundation:

The Fearless Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that provides capital, community, mentorship, and education to women of color entrepreneurs. They believe that women of color are the unrecognized economic powerhouses of our world, and are committed to helping them build successful businesses that create jobs, generate revenue, and strengthen our communities.

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