Empowerment: World Of Money — Financial Literacy For The Youth


Sabrina Lamb after accepting her award, shown with Black Star News publisher Milton Allimadi and three of her financial literacy students.


The 2015 Black Star News Annual Awards Dinner on December 18 praised the empowering work of mission-diverse honorees; who dedicate their lives to inform and elevate the thousands of constituents that they serve.

The World of Money, a 10 year charitable organization, dedicated to youth financial education, was one of the honorees to attend the sold-out event at MIST Harlem. The World of Money is the only organization which provides 40 classroom hours of financial education for children ages seven to 18.

Now more than ever, financial education is needed to break a generational cycle and to change the way youth view money by equipping them with five tenets for a financially responsible and philanthropic life: learn, earn, save, invest and donate.

Having basic financial planning tools encourages youth to become family team players, maximize their longer-term financial well-being and to balance consumer and investor behaviors. The curriculum includes basic Mandarin Chinese, Excel, community service and year round alumni activities, including a Parent “Money Matters’ Forum.

Parents who also are educated about finances can avoid being negatively impacted by toxic financial products and scams. Taught by Wall Street professionals and business leaders, the 2015 World of Money Youth Financial Education Training Institute graduated 121 children, who are encouraged to grow up to become independent consumers and valuable assets to the community.

Benefits of Financial Education: 1) Avoid adult remedial financial education after they have begun to make mistakes. 2) Achieve the highest level of education desired/possible. 3) Avoid poor health, anxiety, decreased quality of life and lower college attainment levels due to financial stress. 4) Escape the cost of unwise financial decision-making and planning — often shifted to the community, state and nation through higher prices for financial products and greater use of public safety nets. 5) Have higher self-esteem and make wise investments and purchases.

Please visit www.worldofmoney.org

Sabrina Lamb is the Founding CEO, 

World Of Money


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