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The idea of one group of people “feeding off” another, or as a colleague recently said, “eating Our flesh,” can be heard as fairly figurative expressions of extremely exploitative relationships.  But few realize that phrases like these are far more than metaphorical.

Let’s review some biological basics. Unlike plants that make their own food from air and sunlight, animal life forms live off the consumption of plants and/or other animals. Once this food is acquired and perhaps put into a necessary or desirable form, it must be ingested in manageable quantities.

Solid sustenance is often cut, torn or otherwise broken into pieces small enough to fit in one’s mouth. Generally, chewing makes pieces of food ready to be swallowed and further digested. Digestion is the process by which food is broken down so that fuel and other potentially valuable materials can be extracted. What’s left is then usually excreted.

To put it bluntly, the subjugated Black Nation in North America is food for the subjugating White Nation. We are continuously beat down, chopped up, torn apart, cut, chewed up, swallowed, broken down, defecated out, as well as defecated on.

We continue to react to the last clause of the previous sentence, and generally have little response to the rest. At times when We’re not reminded of being defecated on, We are by and large a group of HAPPY MEALS. We are not paying attention to this overall digestive process.

Don’t-Worry-Be-Happy-Meal-Negroes show so much more concern with being mistreated by those who are dining on Us than We do for Our own collective long term well-being. But regardless of how humanely the livestock is treated the end result is still slaughter.

It’s been clearly documented that the fantastic wealth of not only this country, but the whole of the Western World was derived from stolen African labor on stolen Native American land. The trade in and forced labor of captive Africans provided the accumulation of capital needed for the Industrial Revolution in western Europe and North America.

New Afrikans (a term some of Us prefer over African Americans) continue to provide huge sums of wealth for the dominant population, especially the economic elite who feed off of everybody else.

And while it’s true that their human food supply has expanded to most of the planet, in many other countries those leaders who are really loyal to their own people are preoccupied with breaking free of this feeding frenzy.

Meanwhile We seem to gripe over too small of a cut in America’s feasting over the world. Picture a protest by pigs for prettier pens, benign butchery, and the choice of chicken or steak dinners. Our key focus for change should not be treatment, but rather Our own Collective Self-Control.

Otherwise We not only sell out the rest of the current world, but Our unborn generations as well.  

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