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COPETV CEO Toni Belafonte

Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop, known around the globe for its world-class precision haircuts and ongoing commitment to philanthropy is gearing up to host its signature event, Cutting for a Cure.

The 48-Hour Health Fair and Haircutting Marathon happening at 2496 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (133rd St. & 8th Av) in Harlem begins at 10AM on Friday, July 15th, and ends at 10AM on Sunday, July 17th.

Twelve celebrity barbers will cut hair for 2 days straight raising funds to promote health awareness and the prevention of deadly diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and HIV/AIDS — and they’re doing it for free.

The barbershop connects people from all walks of life and is a safe space for discussion. In a recent TED Talk by Dr. Joseph Ravenell entitled How barbershops can keep men healthy, Ravenell explains, “There’s a lot of talk about high blood pressure in the barbershop because nearly 40 percent of black men have it.”

More black men die from high blood pressure than any other illness. The TED Talk addresses that High blood pressure often goes untreated in black men due to lower engagement with the primary healthcare system.

This stems from overall unpleasant experiences where doctors fail to connect with black men. With the levels of access barbershops have in the community and the established foundation of trust, the barber-doctor partnership can be key in providing tailored healthcare to this demographic.

Reinforcing Dr. Ravenell’s research, Cutting for a Cure, founded in 2008, is designed to assist underserved communities in living healthier lives through guidance, education and resources. Dennis “Denny Moe” Mitchell, barbershop owner and founder of Cutting for a Cure was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2010. He says “I’ve probably had it a long time, but didn’t realize it until I became familiar with the symptoms.”

By creating the convenience of the hospital at the barbershop, members of his community are granted access to free medical screenings and the information needed to initiate healthier lifestyles.

Marsha R. Bonner an Empowerment Speaker and Founder of the HUGS Movement Campaign (Helping Us Grow Spiritually) is the Production Manager for the 48-Hour Marathon. Bonner says, “The HUGS Movement Campaign is dedicated to empowering and promoting physical, mental and spiritual wellness. I couldn’t be more honored to produce this Marathon and partner with Denny Moe to spread awareness about health issues that are infecting and affecting our communities.”

In an effort to fundraise for this endeavor, Cutting for a Cure has launched the I H.A.T.E. Campaign standing for Health, Awareness, Treatment and Education. Through a series of videos and photos, the campaign shares stories of how preventable illnesses affect the lives of real people.

The campaign has become a movement and its message has even garnered celebrity participation from Barbershop 3 stars Ice Cube, Common, Eve and Cedric the Entertainer, Rapper Fat Joe, Yankees Pitcher Dellin Betances, R&B singer Bobby Brown and other celebrity friends of the barbershop.

The marathon will provide wellness seminars and free medical screenings, to anyone who attends. The event is also jam-packed with live entertainment from beginning to end. Attendees will enjoy around the clock entertainment including a celebrity summer stage sponsored for a second year by COPETV® and hosted by CEO and actress Toni Belafonte.

This year’s will include a hot lineup of diverse acts including TONY Award Winner Melba Moore, premier battle rapper, Harlem’s own Loaded Lux, Jessica Betts, Farrah Boule, Lady Leah, Raine Torae, Charles Duke, Ohene Cornelius and Kathryn Hoxie.

The organization must raise $30,000 to provide these services to the community.

For more information about the I H.A.T.E. Fundraising Campaign, please visit

You can also contact [email protected] or [email protected].


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