Cuomo and Other New York Politicians Condemn Trump’s Ugly Fear-mongering Wall Speech

President Trump. Hate occupies The White House. Photo: NBC News screenshot
Politicians in New York including Governor Andrew Cuomo last night condemned President Donald Trump’s hate-filled speech from the Oval Office demonizing immigrants in his desperate bid to get money for his lunatic wall. 
Meanwhile Trump’s government shutdown has now moved past three weeks. 
“Americans know truth when they hear it. And they also know self-serving, aggrandizing false political rhetoric,” Cuomo said. “Mr. President, re-open our government now. A wall is not a response to a humanitarian crisis nor is it a solution to keeping our country safe. If the President is serious about border security, he will join with the Democrats to support smart, high-tech security instead of wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on his absurd wall.”
Governor Cuomo added, “In New York, we know that a wall does not represent who we are as Americans – we are a nation of open arms and we know our diversity is our greatest strength. Earlier today, I met with members of the New York Congressional delegation who are determined to stand up for our New York principles and get government back to work. In these challenging times, we will fight for New York’s interests and New York’s values.”
Jumaane D. Williams, a member of the New York City Council and a candidate for Public Advocate said, “Every day, Trump further diminishes the office of the Presidency, and this stunt was just another extension of that damage, using the Oval Office to gain a wider audience for his lies and fear-mongering. Trump is attempting to manufacture a crisis to cover for his ineptitude, and scapegoating vulnerable populations to advance his nationalist agenda.”
Williams added: “As hundreds of thousands of federal workers lose out on the paychecks they and their families depend on, as important services are denied the American people because of the shutdown, he continues to deflect, to lie, and to stoke hatred and fear with a ‘crisis’ of his own making. Real crises are the over half a million homeless individuals in our country, the tens of millions without health insurance, the 30,000 people killed each year in the gun violence epidemic. On a local level, we will continue to work on solutions to these issues. If Trump could turn his attention from an asinine wall, maybe our federal government could do the same. This address was nothing more than political hackery by a man who is himself a national crisis.”
Michael Blake, also a candidate for Public Advocate said: “Tonight’s address from the White House was nothing more than a continuation of the racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric we’ve heard from President Trump for years. The lack of moral leadership in our country’s highest office mandates that the American people take it upon themselves to reflect on the true spirit of our nation and reject hate in all its forms.”
“America is stronger because of her diversity, full stop. New York City is the home of the Statue of Liberty, and we will always hold her words true. To our immigrant brothers and sisters, whether you joined our American family 100 years ago or 1 hour ago, we say ‘Welcome,'” Blake said. “The American people place this government shutdown squarely on the shoulders of the President. We demand that he end his childish tantrum and stop holding the livelihood of 800,000 government employees hostage.”

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