Cloud Conferencing — An Effective Marketing Tool


The market that today’s businesses must sell themselves to is ever changing.

Consumers are exchanging direct interaction via store-fronts and service desks for mobile phones and ultra-portable tablets and not looking back. In order to be a competitive force in today’s consumer market, businesses must swiftly move from physical accessibility to their products and ideas to more portable means.

Welcome to the Cloud

There’s no one right reason to make the switch from hardware that comes with a hefty price tag to the cloud. Every company that moves their storage, communications and ideas to the cloud has their own reason for doing so. The one thing that does stay the same, whether it’s using the cloud to brainstorm new product ideas, connection world-wide client bases, or touch base with consumers, is reliability.

With cloud-based applications and software solutions, companies are tapping into an otherwise uncornered market of the systems they’ve already put large shares of their yearly expenses into. The need for high-speed internet and reliable data connections has already been a focus of modern businesses for many years and  Cloud Video Conferencing with Blue Jeans Network has been designed from the ground up to take that framework and run with it while connecting your existing systems with the flexibility of modern day mobile apps and software that consumers already use on a daily basis and depend on to keep them connected.

The Cloud allows business partners, sales personnel and consumers to seamlessly move from mobile to computer to tablet and back without losing access to valuable information as they do so. This allows companies to reach more people, whether within their own structures or creating new connections, and maintain their information’s integrity no matter how it’s being access.

Building a Solid Foundation

Consumers rely on companies to be transparent about their services, products and ideas. Businesses are held accountable every day to astronomically high standards of conduct and one slip, even if it is only peripherally connected to the company itself, can spell disaster. Consumers share information and today’s internet is awash with social media platforms to share experiences both positive and negative with other potential consumers. Simple mistakes become more complicated when one customer can share a negative experience with thousands of other potential customers that may be swayed to go with a competitor over a relatively minor incident.
The cloud can be used as a marketing tool to help alleviate the threat of negative reviews and lost revenue while maintaining a solid foundation of honesty and accessibility with consumers all over the world. By saving communications and information within the cloud or using it to host and record video conferences, you can be sure the company and your partners all have direct access to the same information. No more playing a game of information ‘Telephone’ that could end up costly where consumer trust is concerned.

According to a recent Forbes’ study, one of the number one reasons that today’s companies are switching to cloud based applications is specifically to address the seamless sharing of information across platforms. This means remote users and office partners can all access the same information with no degradation across applications. When all minds are pointed to the same information, progress is streamlined and more efficient; everyone is working towards the same end goal without getting off track and wasting valuable time.

The Digital Age Is Here To Stay

Companies that can’t keep up with modern technology are destined for obsolescence. Today, cellphones are rivaling and exceeding laptops for processing power. According to Wired, even recently as 2011, this wasn’t the case, and that’s just testament to how quickly technology is set to overtake the modern world. Many consumers, possibly even most, depending on your company’s focus, use smart phones and even more individuals within the business world stay connected through the small and ultimately portable screens of these same phones and tablets that are convenient on the go tools that don’t add a lot of additional baggage to one’s daily commute.

The Cloud offers scalable applications that can take advantages of all levels of the digital age currently available to companies and individuals. Business partners can attend conferences half a world away via their smart phone during their morning commute to a local office and sales representatives for companies can answer consumer questions face to face without requiring the consumer to make a long trek to a physical location or endure a long wait time on the line for a representative that they can’t even see.

Make It Work For Your Company

Video conferencing is already here to stay but it doesn’t have to be the costly presence that it once was. Using the Cloud to host real-time video and information sharing means consolidating your company’s resources and ensuring a seamless access for those that need to be moving quickly to ensure your company stays on top.

Mobile applications, software and even hardware can be tailored to any business venture and used in a variety of ways to put your business’s best face forward.


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