Challenger Nixon Dares Governor Cuomo to Accept Debate Invitation


Cynthia Nixon. Photo-Flickr.

Nearly two weeks after Cynthia Nixon formally accepted an invitation to a primetime debate, there’s an unsettling sound coming from the Cuomo camp: silence.

In a video released 11 days ago, Cynthia challenged Gov. Cuomo to similarly accept the debate offer saying: “I believe voters deserve to hear a frank and direct discussion of the real issues facing New Yorkers, and the difference between my progressive vision for this state, and Governor Cuomo’s centrist record. So, what’s it going to be Andrew?”

“Gov. Cuomo’s silence says one thing loud and clear: he thinks he’s above a primary debate,” says Communications Director Sarah Ford. “But New Yorkers deserve a leader who doesn’t hide from discussing their own record and they should be able to cast their vote on September 13th knowing exactly where each candidate stands on the issues. Our ask is simple: a one-on-one televised debate. Enough with the stalling tactics. Let’s get it on the schedule.”

Cuomo has a long history of dodging debates. In 2014, Cuomo skipped a primary debate sponsored by NY1 and Time Warner Cable News in Albany, saying that debates are a disservice to democracy. He participated in only one, four-candidate debate in the general election. In 2010, he also participated in just one, seven-candidate debate in the general election.

After Cynthia accepted the invitation from WABC and partners, Cuomo’s spokesperson said his campaign is receiving invitations to debates and are “reviewing the various opportunities.”

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