CALL IT TREASON: Putin’s Theft Of US Presidency Is Worse Than Cuban Missile Crisis

Sure, the 65,762,564 majority of Americans that voted for Hillary Clinton(48.7%) against Donald Trump(45%) think he just a degenerate, racist, orange-turd-sociopath, but unfortunately he is far worse than that. 
While most of Trump’s ramblings are incoherent lies and total narcissistic horseshit(which the TV people are desperately trying to normalize), all of Trump’s comments on the campaign trail and in the fall debates regarding Russia and it’s interests i.e. Syria were as succinct and lucid as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s propaganda minster on Russian Television. Instead of the usual right/left debate between American interests versus our number one adversary on the world stage, Trump spoke of Putin as if he was some secret lover hiding in the bushes, waiting for him to become president. 
 “It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond,” Trump crooned of Putin after the former KBG agent openly flirted with Trump, calling him a “talented person” and “the absolute leader of the presidential race.”    
The media kept America fully informed of Trump’s bragging of assaulting women meanwhile calling Mexicans “rapists,” yet they totally dropped the ball when it came to Trump’s Manchurian spin on Russia and Syria. The sad truth is that America’s policy towards Russia and Syria is over most of the TV people’s heads, much less your average, White, toothless, bigoted Trump voter.   
But one group who took notice was the CIA and the leaders of both parties in Washington. In fact they were all quite alarmed, but with Hillary Clinton way ahead in the polls(which nationally, were correct) the inner circle of Washington’s elite thought Clinton had in the bag, even with Putin blatantly obvious tampering with the presidential election. 
Fast forward to November 9, 2016. With Trump so-called election victory on the 78th Anniversary of Kristallnacht (“crystal night”) sparked shock waves felt on every corner of the globe from Rome to London to Berlin. But no one was more dismayed than Washington DC. 
Where and how the Putin/Trump unholy alliance began is still clouded in mystery, but for the CIA, President Obama and the Democrats and the current leaders of the GOP- Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsay Graham, the “stubborn fact,” is clear. Putin not just “swung” the election for Trump, he stole for him. Just as the Olympics recently learned Putin had been doping Russian Olympic athletes for decades, the CIA discovered Putin had injected a lethal toxic cocktail into America’s democratic process, rigging the election Donald Trump. 
One question remains. Why would Putin go way out of his way to illegally install Donald Trump into the White House and vanquish Hillary Clinton?
The CIA have a clear answer plausible enough for GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to publicly call for a bi-partisan investigation. Putin motive was simple. After the Clinton backed “Arab Spring” swamped the Middle East in 2011, the western backed Russian Spring or the “Snow Revolution” attempted to topple Putin between December 4, 2011 to July 18, 2013 and soon faded away after Clinton left foggy bottom. 
Putin apparently lost it when a picture of Hillary Clinton and anti-Putin Russian punk-band Pussy Riot surfaced, smiling together at a Time magazine event in New York.  
Clinton, along with the Obama administration also clashed with Putin of Syrian dictator’s Bashar al-Assad brutal assaults on his own people, which included chemical warfare on his political opposition. The GOP complained that Obama should have intervened militarily in Syria and looked weak when the President blinked in the fall of 2013 in the face of chemical attacks of Syrian civilians. Instead Obama hit Putin where it really hurt, his own backyard in Ukraine. 
It was then that Putin realized he needed to really think outside the box and overthrow America’s democratic process fast. Swaying the 2016 election one way or the other was not nearly enough. Putin needed a ace in the hole, someone who would upend both the Democratic Party and the GOP’s  bi-partisan policy towards Russia. Putin needed the ultimate weapon for “Mission Impossible” to succeed, someone who is royally stupid and more than willing to betray his own nation for financial gain. It was a long shot, but Putin found his American mole tweeting on a gold plated toilet-just blocks where America was last attacked from within on 9/11- at Trump Tower.
First Putin sent his liaisons Paul Manafort and Carter Page to help Trump set up his treasonous presidential campaign,then they indoctrinated Trump’ with Russian spin and propaganda designed to degrade and divide the American body politic as much as possible and to defend Russian interests around the globe no matter what. When Trump actually one the GOP nomination that was just gravy for Putin, not thinking his American stooge would actually win in November. 
Putin hacked both DNC and RNC offices, but with the assistance of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange carefully edited, distorted and leaked DNC emails to the internet to ensure maximum damage. The RNC emails were not released, nor was Trump’s email hacked and released.
Putin also appears to have FBI Director James Comely on the parole too, who did the perfect dance to damage Clinton before election day. For Putin just having Trump in the fall prime time debates saying the election was rigged was victory enough. But to actually win the the election, that was too much to ask for. 
What is circulating around Washington currently is that Putin, having won so much already with Trump, decided to double down and roll the dice, hacking into computerized voting software where he could to steel sates fro Trump. But that information for now, remains classified. 
What happened in America’s 2016 election is still shrouded is mystery. But what is crystal clear for the intelligence community is the aftermath. Putin has a defacto agent about to be sworn in as President of the United States, who will also be commander-in-chief of our armed forces and nuclear codes. 
Yes, the CIA and John McCain (you know, who Trump- with five flat feet draft deferments- called a “loser” for being “captured” in the battlefield defending America) are riding into Washington like Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter, but is it too late to stop Putin’s Manchurian candidate from becoming Putin’s Manchurian President? 
Putin’s Trump “transition” has morphed into something even worse than 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis. It is one thing for Russia to aim nuclear missiles at the USA 90 miles off the coast of Florida, it is something else for Puitn to control our entire nuclear missile system from within.
After 240 years of democracy, our founding father’s worse nightmare of outside infiltration has finally arrived, testing every fabric of our constitutional checks and balances from the executive and judicial branch to the Congress. Yes, the media will undoubtedly screw up coverage of the most important story in American history, but lets hope our leaders in both parties and the American people will stand up before inauguration day say: 

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