Business as usual as King Mayweather Beats Berto and retires at 49-0


Mayweather puts some beating on Berto

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Whoever bet the ranch on Andre Berto, 31-4, 23 k.o.’s, to defeat Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. now 49-0, 26 knockouts, and ruin his retirement “ring party”, is now “homeless”.

The ring chess master outclassed a determined Berto from the opening bell hitting him almost at will with his vintage defensive style, round by round, and bouncing out of harm’s way every time a desperate, confused, and “gun-shy” Berto lunged forward to launch an attack.

It was a real 49-0 ring retirement party for the ring’s pound for pound icon, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr., as he utilized every weapon in his boxing arsenal, jab, counter-punching right hand, uppercut, 2-handed body shots, to nullify every offensive attack Andre Berto initiated last night, Saturday, September 12th 2015, at Mayweather’s “retirement ring home”, the M.G.M. Grand & Casino Arena in front of over 13,000 retirement party “guests”.

Mayweather’s “guests” also included his 4 children-2 Girls & 2 Boys, who were enjoying their Dad’s dancing antics as he shoulder rolled, slipped away, made faces, trashed talked, and danced out of harm’s way-“what harm”?-as poor second fiddle Berto tried, unsuccessfully to trap Mayweather on the ropes throwing punches in bunches which missed repeatedly as he grunted to the delight of the crowd.
After the 12 round Mayweather dancing repartee, it actually was Andre Berto 33, who appeared aged, tired and worn out, not the 38 year old ring senior citizen, Mayweather.

The obvious decision by the ring judges –unanimous- but surprising, was, Dave Moretti-117-111, Steve Weisfeld-118-110, and Adelaide Byrd-120-108.  Black Star News concurred with Judge Byrd awarding all 12 rounds to Mayweather since in Black Stars’ opinion Berto did not win a round.

If the 2 judges wanted to “reward” him for his failed attempt, and grunting as he threw punches that missed in volumes, then their benevolence is understood.

After the fight Mayweather dropped to his knees, raised, his right gloved fist to the heavens in a symbolic thank you gesture which we all assumed was to God.

In the post-fight ring interview Mayweather praised Berto , and told Barry Gray that, “this is definitely my last fight. 49-0 is enough and now I want to spend my time with my children. I duplicated Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record and that is enough because I will not be back for any 50-0 record-breaking attempt.”

Mayweather did state that he was going to rest and then concentrate on developing his promotion company, T.M.T., to help develop other boxers he has under contract.

A very subdued, looking Berto, stated that “Floyd was much too fast, and I could not catch up to him.

He was the better man tonight. I’ll still stay in the welterweight division ready to compete with the other 147 pounders in my quest for another world title”.

In a gesture, I guess to allow Mayweather to retire gracefully with no “clouds” on his 19 year, 49-0 boxing career, with 5 division world crowns, and a possible induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame, Nevada State Athletic Commission Director, Mr. Robert Bennet told reporter Barry Gray that “The investigation accusing Floyd Mayweather, Jr. of violating the anti-doping rules by injecting himself with possible illegal substances, has been deemed closed”.

“The case is closed and we will not pursue the matter any longer”, Mr. Bennet, stated further.

The 3 preliminary world championship fights although exciting produced some  controversy .

Jonathan Oquendo was the surprised winner of the W.B.O. Silver Super Featherweight title when he was awarded the decision over Johanny Gonzalez in an all-out ring phone booth war. Gonzalez certainly had the advantage over 10 rounds in a “Mexican vs. Puerto Rican” slug-fest. Gonzalez of course demanded a rematch.

Badou Jack, W.B.C. Super Middleweight Champ successfully defended his crown against Englishman, George Groves by split decision causing Groves to angrily denounce the decision claiming he was “robbed”. This was Grove’s 3rd unsuccessful attempt to win a world crown.

“No matter how much I try I can’t get a decent break from the judges “, a bitter Groves declared. “ I want a rematch”.

The semi- final another Mexican vs. Puerto Rican slug fest for 12 rounds between W.B.O. Super Featherweight Champ, Roman Martinez, Puerto Rico and Orlando Salido, Mexico, surprisingly ended in a draw when the obvious winner was Salido who pummeled Martinez repeatedly throughout the fight.
Martinez did stand toe to toe with Salido, even knocking him down, but Salido was the better fighter and the expected winner, but the judges saw the fight, 115-113-twice and 114-114 a draw.
Black Star News gave the fight to Salido, 116-112.

There were demands for a 3rd fight, a trilogy since Martinez defeated Salido in the first fight winning the title, and since this fight ended in a disputed draw allowing Martinez to retain the crown, a 3rd fight will be held sometime in the future.


Floyd Mayweather was questioned on “who will be the next Mayweather”. The reality is that there is no replacement for anybody in sports. Certainly another boxer may be as good or better that Mayweather, but he certainly cannot be “the new”, “or a replacement”, of the great, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr.’s 19 year career achieving his total ring success, wealth and world fame.
Greatness is achieved and bracketed in the era that the athlete is competing, and, for as long as he is active. He cannot overlap into the years of other greats before him.
So, all that Black Star News could say is, “Floyd, thanks for your greatness, charity work for the people, you leave us with great memories, and maybe we’ll see you in the movies of your life story”.
Who could play Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in the movies?  Non-other than the “Money Man” himself, “The Best Ever”!

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