Blasting Trumps “Despicable” Obama Insults Sharpton Dismisses Friendship Claim



Trump– GOP’s “Birther” Presidential candidate
Following Donald Trump’s comments on MSNBC’S “Morning Joe” that the two have a “good” relationship Rev. Al Sharpton has written the following:
Donald Trump has gone from calling me a ‘con man’ to asserting that we have a “good” relationship.
I don’t know how he reached this conclusion – especially since I haven’t talked to him in nearly two years and that conversation resulted in an argument about racially prejudiced and divisive comments he was making. 
It is not only untrue, but beside the point. I first started marching against Donald Trump during the Central Park 5 case in the 1980s. Unfortunately his racist rhetoric has continued to this day. 
The things he has said and done throughout his campaign, including suggesting that the President wasn’t born in the United States, are despicable. I will not stoop to his level, throwing insults around and calling people names, but I will also not sit by and let him make comments about a fabricated friendship.

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