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BlackStar News had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. CARL CLAY, founder of the historical BLACK SPECTRUM THEATRE in Queens, New York.
The BLACK SPECTRUM THEATRE is in its 47th year and is still bringing us theatre, music and entertainment relevant to the issues and social discord in our African-American community. Their latest production entitled, “TIMELESS: Mystery of the Dark Waters”, is a mystery thriller they will keep you on the edge of your seats! It is currently up for an AUDELCO AWARD, which recognizes excellence in black theatre.

Aside from being a playwright, producer, filmmaker and musical director, Carl Clay is also author of the novel “Poor-ducing Theatre and Film at Black Spectrum”, an inside look at how he built Black Spectrum Theatre from the ground up. Carl’s perseverance and creativity is why Black Spectrum Theatre is now a home for many, many artists and actors. While honing their talent, he guides them on how to break into the business and take their careers to the next level. Many mainstream actors/entertainers such as Lisa Nicole Carson, Desiree Coleman and Ella Joyce began their careers at the Black Spectrum Theatre.

Carl has written and produced over 350 plays and has 25 films under his belt. His productions are famous for breaking ground and forcing discussions on subjects that the world isn’t fond of addressing, such as teen pregnancy, the youth vote and police brutality. “We call ourselves ‘Black Spectrum’ because we’re tuned into the frequency of our community and all of its components.”, says Carl.
“We will continue to nurture each new generation of artists/actors and give them a place to hone their talents and grow.”

During the month of October, the Black Spectrum Theatre is offering a season pass for $99 which gives you access to all theatre productions and events! You must purchase by the 15th to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
It is very important for us to support black theatre and the arts. It is necessary to expose ourselves and our children to this amazing art!

To kick off October’s month of activities, Ella Joyce will be hosting a fun, healthy exercise program called, “FUNKACIZE!” today, October 8, 2016. As well as, “An Evening with Ella Joyce”, tomorrow, October 9, 2016. Don’t miss out!

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