Black Mom, Son Make History With New Vegan Gluten-Free Skincare Line For Kids

Photos:MelanBrand Skin\

Patrice Chappelle and her 13-year-old son, Bron, are the founders of MelanBrand Skin, a pioneering natural skincare company tailored for Black and brown kids. They developed an interest in creating such products when Bron was younger and suffered from extremely dry skin.


“In a market dominated by skincare products for babies and adults, there’s a glaring absence on the shelves for school-age children and teens,” states Patrice, who is an HBCU graduate of Fisk University. Alongside her teen son who serves as co-founder and Co-CEO, they are on a mission to fill this critical gap in the industry.

Reflecting on her own struggles as a parent, Patrice recalls the challenges of finding suitable skincare solutions for her son’s melanated skin during his younger years. “We searched high and low, only to find limited options beyond basic soap, water, and lotion – none specifically designed for kids, let alone those with melanated skin,” she shares. READ MORE…

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