Biden’s Hypocritical Antisemitism Speech Ignores Genocide Of Palestinian Semites

Black Star News Editorial

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On Tuesday, President Joe Biden, now dubbed by some as “Genocide Joe”, spoke out against a “ferocious surge of antisemitism” in America. Biden uttered these words while enabling the mass murders of nearly 34,000 Palestinian Semites overseen by his butcher buddy Benjamin Netanyahu which continues with the emerging assault on the city of Rafah.

Bought-and-paid for politicians have zero shame.

Biden’s speech had less to do with antisemitism and more to do with concerns about the growing student protests that threaten his re-election chances in November. Biden and Democrats are clearly feeling the heat for funding genocide. So, they want to muzzle the First Amendment rights of students.

Even worse, along with corrupt college administrators, they are approving the unleashing of violent thuggish police on student protesters.

Do Biden and the Democratic Party realize they are losing and alienating American students? Do they really think they can silence and bully college students and still win the upcoming election against Donald Trump?

Biden’s speech maybe a troubling signal he wants to sign the anti-free speech legislation that was recently passed, with a bipartisan vote, by the US House. Because of the Israeli blood money lobby, legitimate criticism—of a foreign power—will now be labeled antisemitic to silence critics of Israeli policy toward Palestinians.

What will this do to Americans’ First Amendment right?

Keep in mind, that while Biden was giving this pretentious speech, at the Holocaust remembrance ceremony, Netanyahu was busy willfully ignoring the weak wishes of Biden by launching a new phase of his ethnic cleansing plan against Palestinians by sending his killers into Rafah. Didn’t Biden say entering Rafah would be a “red line?”

Biden, like the lying corporate media, continues to suggest and insinuate that antisemitism is driving the student protests.

He said: “There is no place on any campus in America, any place in America, for antisemitism or hate speech or threats of violence of any kind.” Biden also added that “It was Hamas who brutalized Israelis. It was Hamas who took and continues to hold hostages. I have not forgotten nor have you, and we will not forget.”

Maddeningly, Biden wants people to forget that Palestinian civilians are being summarily slaughtered with American bombs. Deceitfully, he pretends Hamas’ actions are worse than what Netanyahu is doing now. Who has murdered more innocent civilians Hamas or Israel’s racist far-right government?

Apparently, because “Hamas…brutalized Israelis” that gives Netayahu the right to kill an unlimited number of innocent Palestinians—including women and babies.

Clearly, for Biden, and many Democrats, Palestinian lives are worthless. How can Democrats be silent as open genocide is taking place right now?

Where are “pro-life” Republicans in speaking out against this inhumane massacre? Don’t Palestinian lives, even the babies, matter at all to Republicans? So, Republicans are against aborting babies—but bombing and blasting babies to death is just fine?

There has been much talk about the fear American Jewish students face. But have any of them have been murdered in the last seven months?

Of course, Palestinians have no lobby group to stuff politicians’ pockets with campaign cash. So, in this moment, it couldn’t be clearer what motivates members of Congress and our White House: the money of the wealthy minority, not the lives and welfare of the majority of people.

The disingenuous use of antisemitism to silence criticism must now be fought against ferociously. Moreover, from a historical point of view, it must be stressed that Palestinians are themselves Semitic.

If Biden, and the Democrats, lose this year’s elections they will have earned it. One cannot fund obvious genocide and expect people of conscience to give you their vote.

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