America Or Trump? Americans Who Love Democracy Must Work To Defeat Donald Trump In 2024

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December 13, 2023 – In a new ad, The Lincoln Project warns that America needs to take Trump’s plans for revenge on his political enemies seriously. As President, Trump showed it wasn’t just talk; he was comfortable with chaos and violence. 

This ad shuts down the nonsense talk about Trump losing the nomination and Biden not running. It’s time for Americans who support democracy to get engaged and work for President Biden’s reelection.

No one should blow off Trump’s plan for revenge. Trump has always told us what he will do, and he’s telling us now that he will take revenge on anyone he sees as an enemy. And it’s not just Donald; the people likely to be part of another administration are making their own plans to remake the government and destroy the Constitution. These people must be stopped and it’s time for the whining about Joe Biden to end and for everyone who loves democracy to start working to defeat Donald Trump.

Seven years ago, Donald Trump took the presidency.

Pundits, allies, and adversaries tried to believe he’d be a normal president, a normal Republican, and that the good guys would steer him right.

They were wrong then, they’re wrong now.

His legacy was chaos, hate, violence, and corruption; counted in a grim tally of deaths, half a million graves, a wrecked economy, massive spending and debt.

Trump shamed us to the world, shattering alliances and fawning for every small-time dictator and full-time thug.

He made America weaker, poorer, and less secure.

Defeated, he drove a shameful assault on our democracy.

He’s back and more dangerous than before.

Stop pretending that this is just a campaign, that his threats are a joke, just more locker room talk, that a Republican can beat him or Joe Biden won’t run.

Wake up, grow up, get in the fight.

If he wins, his plans are clear and terrifying.

He’s promised to take revenge on us, on the country that rejected him.

It’s a risk we can’t take.

That’s why this election is about one thing.

It’s America or Trump.

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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