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Introducing new artist CYPAQ from the beautiful town of Accra, Ghana in West Africa. He has been making music since he was a senior in High School and now he is ready to share his talents with the world. His stage name is a short form of his full name Cyril Paakow Quansah (Cy, PaQ), although in school he was known as ‘Briefcase Joe’. “I used to be called ‘Briefcase Joe’ because I rapped an EMINEM freestyle in school where EM mentioned ‘Briefcase Joe’ and told my peers that it was my freestyle! No worries, I write my own freestyles and raps now.”, he laughs.

CYPAQ views his music as a form of expression. “Emotion is what inspires me to create music. Emotion of any sort…whether I feel angry, happy, sad or litt that emotion will be my inspiration to make a song.” He and his sister began dabbling with music back in 2013 but it was more like a hobby. “I was just writing corny ass songs and trying to replicate what I heard on the radio. But once I met my dudes Snek.B and Dapaah in 2014, I knew that I wanted to take music seriously.” He began performing in various school concerts and entertainment nights at his boarding school and his dream of becoming a professional gamer quickly changed. “I always wanted to be a YouTuber or a gamer, something where I could be myself and create content. But when I performed in front of my classmates for the first time I got all sorts of litty and it felt so good! It just confirmed for me that this was what I wanted to do with my life.”, he says.

CYPAQ’s biggest musical influences are Wretch 32 and EMINEM. He admires the fact that these artists’ words translate to emotion so perfectly. “Ok. I want to say this first, I no longer really care about standing out or being different. So if I’m being honest I don’t really focus on being set apart from other artists or anything like that. However, what I think is that most people see me as being different from other artists because of how passionate I am, how personal the songs are and how strong your emotions can get when you listen to my music. I’ve been told that my voice gives listeners the chills, and that’s definitely a plus!” He describes himself as an EMO artist whose sound emanates diversity, comfort and good vibes. “I looove where Hip-Hop is at! There is a growing variety of artists who are diverse and gradually that toxic side of Hip-Hop is being drowned out by the positivity from new artists like Cordae, AmineKiddfreshStormzy and of course myself. I love the fact that the culture is still growing and changing.”, he states.

Being an artist who can connect and empathize with his listeners is of great importance to CYPAQ. “I am definitely one of those artists who are not afraid to talk about the issues that people are facing such as mental health, which is a big deal. I feel like the music industry, especially Hip-Hop and Rap, does not talk about how important mental health issues are or embrace people who are vulnerable. It’s always about being strong and hard and all that toxic masculinity stuff. I want to make music that makes loners feel okay and inspire as many people as possible.”, he says.

CYPAQ is currently working on a variety of singles which he will release this year as he finishes up his solo project scheduled for release in 2021. “I’m very excited about my debut solo project. It’s going to be so important to my career’s direction and it will change the world. I can’t wait to drop it for real!”, he exclaims.  

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