“A Brilliant Genocide” to Broadcast On RT News


Museveni — U.S.-backed dictator in power since Ronald Reagan was in office

[Black Star Editorial]

The recent massacre in the Kasese countryside and in the palace of as many as 200 unarmed loyalists to the Omusinga Mubembere, the traditional king of the Rwenzururu people in Uganda, can only be understood in the context of the countless mass killings ordered by Gen. Yoweri Museveni since he seized power 32 years ago when Ronald Reagan was still president.

Now “A Brilliant Genocide” a documentary film by Australian filmmaker Ebony Butler about Gen. Museveni’s pattern of mass killings is about to be broadcast globally by RT television, on December 9, 10 and 11.

The film has shown at several U.S. and European film festivals and won many awards (see www.abrilliantgenocide.com)

Since coming to power with U.S.-backing and when Ronald Reagan was still in office massacres have been Gen. Museveni’s language in politics. There is no need to speak with opposition, including legitimate ones, or to negotiate, when he has the barrel of the gun.

The massacres started early during his regime and extended to when he invaded neighboring countries.

In Uganda the list is long but a short one includes killing fields citizens are familiar with since he has a tendency of bragging about some of them: Corner Kilak; Mukura; Karamoja; and, Kayunga-crisis.

Gen. Museveni then exported the mass killings when his army invaded Rwanda in 1990 and deposed Juvenal Habyarimana who was also assassinated in 1994 when his plane was shot down by a missile that the New York Times reported was provided to the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) by Uganda, which in turn obtained them from the United States.

The Habyarimana assassination sparked the genocidal killings of an estimated 800,000 Rwandans in interethnic violence between the majority Hutus and Tutsis.

Gen. Museveni’s army invaded Congo and deposed dictator Mobutu then occupied eastern Congo to plunder resources; massacres were committed in several regions or cities including Ituri and Kisangani. Warfare has never stopped in Congo since then and an estimated six million people have perished. Uganda was found liable for atrocities and resource plunder and ordered to pay $10 billion to Congo by the world court; not a dime has been paid.

Gen. Museveni’s troops invaded South Sudan in 2014 and upset the delicate political arrangement that had installed Salva Kiir president and Riek Machar Vice President. Even though Museveni succeeded in forcing Machar into exile in favor of his puppet Kiir, massacres were committed in a Juba and South Sudan has plunged into horrific civil war with mass rapes as a weapon of war.

Although the documentary “A Brilliant Genocide,” focuses on the killings by Gen. Museveni’s soldiers in the northern part of Uganda beginning in 1986 as the army fought insurgencies the documentary reveals that the elements of the atrocities have been consistent whether the crimes were in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo or South Sudan: mass killings of civilian populations to create fear; rapes of women as well as men to humiliate the families and in the earlier years to spread HIV-Aids; and, forcing people to flee their homes then plundering resources, including land, minerals and livestock.

So far major global media have either downplayed or outright ignored the atrocities committed by Gen. Museveni’s regime because he’s served Western interests, including deployment of troops in Somalia to support the war against al-Shabab, or the plunder of neighboring Congo’s resources.

Now much of the world will get to find out more about the true nature of the regime when “A Brilliant Genocide” broadcasts over a three-day period beginning December 9, 2016 on RT News which has 35 million daily viewers.

In Uganda RT is available in the Sheraton Kampala Hotel and on satellite https://www.rt.com/where-to-watch/Uganda/

Please Check www.rt.com for the broadcast time schedule in your country.

In Britain please follow the link https://www.rt.com/where-to-watch/Great-Britain/

In the United States RT viewing is available through the Channels listed below — you can also follow the link for additional outlets.


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