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youThe War of 1812. Pearl Harbor. 9/11. Days of infamy in American history.
Now add 11/9/16, the day the Kremlin toppled an American election in order to install their pawn, Donald Trump. Putin had done it once before in Ukraine in 2004, until the Orange Revolution reversed the election results within an eight week revolt which included daily protests, civil resistance, sit-ins and general strikes that toppled Putin’s hand-picked candidate, who, like Trump in 2016, won under a massive cloud of sabotage and dirty tricks.
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s henchmen in the Kremlin perfected election rigging in the US 2016 presidential election and for the last six weeks America has had to endure the toppling of our democracy by an foreign state with the complicit aid the Trump campaign.
Nothing gives this away more than the response of Trump himself, siding with enemy who attacked America- the Kremlin- over the CIA who has and is still investigating the totality of how Putin and Trump colluded to destroy and hopefully overthrow the democratic process of America throughout entire campaign.
11/9 was not as immediate and dramatic as 9/11.
But the Putin/Trump aftermath left behind in 2016 already far exceeds the damage created by the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago, and this is just the overture. 
With the recent CIA-Intel info, the rest of the pieces of the 2016 puzzle fit. Trump’s campaign was never about winning or to “make America great again”- it was to destroy.
Just like Dylan Roof, Trump’s plan was to provoke racial hostility as much as possible, undermine American democratic principles- the election was rigged,   every step of the way and brutalize women when necessary. 
To be fair, many of Trump’s supporters had no idea they were being duped by a Russian dictator and his mole. But as the White House revealed Thursday at a daily briefing, Trump knew.
Having foreknowledge of an event like 9/11 or 11/9 would and should disqualify anybody from being POTUS. 9/11 was executed by a few “non-sate” actors, Al Qaeda- while Putin is a head of state and American citizens participated in the plot, including Trump and few key advisers. 
And unlike 9/11, the perpetrators involved in 11/9 are being rewarded with the office of the US presidency, something Osama bin Laden never dreamed of achieving.
Putin never believed his plan would actually work either. It was more designed to destroy the fabric of democracy when Trump lost, claimed it was rigged-as he was doing all along the way- and cause as much mayhem and division as possible in its wake.

But when the Kremlin’s computerized voting hack flipped the numbers in three key sates (if not more) and went undetected Putin pulled off a spy mission to usurp the Oval Office that was as grandiose as a plot from an old Robert Ludlum novel.  

But the GOP elders in Washington have awoken from election victory hangover and see the writing on the wall, even if their constituents do not.
They realize they need to get of ahead of the curve on this before they all start looking like Trump, a Russian mole in a much larger game of five dimensional chess with our own nuclear arsenal. 
The CIA is just beginning to unravel what they have discovered regarding the Putin/Trump plot on election day 2016. But we know enough already to conclude that Trump’s involvement with Kremlin to overthrow our election is the equivalent of helping the 9/11 hijackers destroy the Twin Towers in 2001.

Even as president-elect, Trump is still trashing the American intelligence community while letting Putin’s Kremlin off the hook. 

That is textbook treason 101. And all the right wing jackals on the radio like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram sound treasonous for propagating for Putin and Trump on our own airwaves after the attack in November.

When Bill Maher said on his ABC show Politically Incorrect after 9/11- “Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly,” his show was canceled immediately by the network. 


America should do the same to Putin, to Trump and everyone else involved in this ongoing plot to hijack the White House.    

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