10 Perfect Times and Places to Listen to Audiobooks


The audiobook revolution is the newest and biggest trend in the literary world.

According to Publishing Trends, last year audiobook sales increased by 28 percent while eBook sales were only up by 6 percent. The reasons why are clear. New technology such as the Nook audiobooks app has made it even easier and cheaper to buy and enjoy audiobooks. The biggest advantage that audiobooks have over paperbacks and even over eBooks is that they can be used anywhere at practically any time. No longer do you have to search for your missing bookmark or squint your eyes at an eReader screen. With an app you need only one touch to pick up exactly where you left off and you can finally multi-task while taking in a story. 

Over half of audiobooks are used during commutes and the other half while exercising, doing chores or working. But many users may have over looked the most ideal situations in which they can use their audiobook apps.

1. During Commercial Breaks

Nobody enjoys having to sit through the same annoying commercials seemingly hundreds of times. Even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time, it’s much more enjoyable to listen to a good book and switch back when your show starts again. Unless you decide that your audiobook is more interesting than the show, of course.

2. When You Need Inspiration

Writers and creative people often read when they’re stuck for ideas as it sparks their imagination. But walking rather than sitting has also been proven by researchers at Stanford University to stimulate ideas better. It’s a little awkward to walk around while holding a book, but you can do it easily with a smartphone in your pocket. 

3. Waiting in Line

How many hours do we waste each year just standing in lines? If staring at the back of somebody’s head gets too boring, there’s always an audiobook app to make the time, and the line, move quicker.

4. While Having Dinner

Lots of families like to watch television while eating dinner, but many consider this too anti-social. Plus eating off of your knees can get messy sometimes. Perhaps you could consider listening to an audiobook together while eating. It will keep the children quiet during meal times at the very least.

5. Before Bedtime

Reading fiction an hour before going to bed is often considered one of the best ways to cure insomnia, but reading from an electronic device will disrupt your sleep and you may feel too tired to focus on printed words. Audiobooks are an ideal solution for a little escapism before sleeping and will help you relax and drift off to a good night’s sleep.

6. In a Movie Theater (Before the Movie)

Have you noticed that the commercials and trailers before movies are getting longer and longer? Sometimes they can last for up to half an hour! And that’s after you arrive early to get a good seat. Use an app and your earbuds instead to block out the even louder and more obnoxious versions of the commercials you’ve already seen on television or the trailers you’ve seen online.

7. During Your Lunch Break

Or any work break really. Not that you shouldn’t spend time talking to your colleagues, but if you’re left on your own then listening to an audiobook will look more impressive to onlookers than sitting by yourself doing nothing.

8. At a Restaurant

While audiobooks might not be appropriate for a fancy restaurant or when you’re on a date, if you need to stop at a fast food restaurant to grab a bite to eat, you can use your audiobook app to block out the noise of the lunch time rush and enjoy yourself while you’re eating.

9. When You’re Feeling Sick

Much like how you may be too tired to read before bed, you may feel too groggy to pick up a book when you’re home sick. Listening to an audiobook can help you relax when you’re not feeling well and take your mind off of your boredom or how sick you feel.

10. When You’re Stressed Out

We all feel this way sometimes. We get into fights with our loved ones, things go wrong and people upset us. When it all gets too much, whip out your smartphone and escape for a little while into your favourite audiobook. In no time at all you’ll be feeling calmer and will be ready to face your problems with renewed energy.

If you’ve been using your audiobook app only during your morning commute, you might be missing out on time spent with dozens of undiscovered stories. There’s no need to commit hours to finding a comfortable reading position. Even just a few minutes here and there will increase the number of books you can listen to each year. This new technology makes almost any situation a time to find a new favourite book.


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