Ziggy Marley Rocks New York City (Irving Plaza) with Good Vibrations

Ziggy Marley Performs on June 17 in New York City at the Irving Plaza while on his 2012 Wild and Free Tour

Ziggy! Ziggy! Ziggy!” screamed the anxious New York City crowd awaiting the oldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley to touch the stage. Soon enough Ziggy lit it up with a wide welcoming smile, his dreadlocks almost to the floor and a guitar strapped over his shoulder. And just like that, Ziggy was ready to rock!

He opened his set with songs off his 2003 solo album Dragonfly later transitioning into tunes off his most recent album Wild and Free. He even performed old tunes he once made with his band The Melody Makers. Ziggy and his band were on point, not missing a beat. Ineffable joy could be felt through out the crowd when Ziggy covered “Could You Be Loved,” a reggae hit of his late father Bob Marley.

Photo Credit: Phillis Kwentoh

Ziggy didn’t spend much time talking to the crowd but instead controlled the mood through the visible affection he had with his guitar. Oftentimes closing his eyes and dipping his head back into ecstasy, Ziggy was really into the music and that’s what the crowd at Irving Plaza in New York City admired the most. Towards the end of the show Ziggy disappeared, but not without an encore, the crowd demanded it. He reappeared and quickly satisfied the audience with a few more tunes. Black, white, Asian, many races were in attendance for one reason—to hear good music and receive the messages that came along with it.

Photo Credit: Phillis Kwentoh

Ziggy, 44 is a Grammy Award winning artist having enjoyed success at the top of Billboard charts and most recently he executive produced Marley, the definitive documentary on his father Bob Marley which is available for rent via Facebook and itunes now.

Lathleen Ade-Brown is a freelance writer located in New York City. You can keep up with her on Twitter www.twitter.com/lathleen

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