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Yetunde: “Ever since I can recall, my mother especially always said to me ‘The Sky is no longer the limit, Space is.’ I love that quote.�

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Where She’s From:
Beautiful publicist Yetunde was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Nigeria. “I would say the most important thing I learned from my parents was that I am the only one that can stop me from achieving my goals,” she tells The Black Star News. “Ever since I can recall, my mother especially always said to me ‘The Sky is no longer the limit, Space is.’ I love that quote.”

Yetunde went to High school in Nigeria and College in Chicago, graduating from Loyola University with a B.A in Communications and a minor in Journalism. “I would say I launched my career my junior year in College. I realize now I was born to be a publicist. And so I started my PR company I currently work full time as well as a publicist for a company that plans classical and dance concerts in South Florida.”

Modeling is one of Yetunde’s past time. “I started that in 2001 and ended it last fall. Great parties, extra cash, photo shoots and loads of free clothes and make up. You gotta love that,” she says.

Where She’s At:
“I see my company representing more clients with integrity, great products or services and being one of the company’s people think of and sign up with when they imagine a solid, excellent, and dedicated public relations firm,” she continues. “I aspire to be a viable and dependable force to be reckoned with in fashion and entertainment pr across the world.”

How does Yetunde handle challenges?

“The key ones are the initial stage of trying to help a prospective client understand why they need a publicist,” she says. “Negative conversations from other publicist in the industry. How I conquer them? I show them samples of what having a publicist can do for anyone; I pray hard then keep doing what I do best. Represent others and make them look good.”

Yetunde is proud of her editorial spread in D’Luxe magazine in Miami. She also successfully recommended one of the make up artist, Nicole Jenkins, and one of the Models, Modecai, to be used in the spread. She‘s also proud of her pr work with Ego Miami Magazine and Nicole Shelley Models to manage the 2005 Hotel Catalina VMA Model Shoot. “It was so awesome, and getting two of my model friends to be in the shoot,” she recalls.

“We live in a very vain world where brainpower is devalued if people think you are beautiful and people hardly give credit to brainpower to anyone, so how do you combine it? With Wit, the right contacts and a lot of work to back up your skills,” Yetunde says.

So how does this classy pr professional prepare to step out?

“I am a clothes junkie,” Yetunde says. “I love clothes. My favorite brand is koketso my adopted sister’s brand so fresh, so me. Perfume: Paco Rabbanne loved it for over five years. Make up I use, L’Oreal and Make up forever foundation. With shoes, I have no preference as long as it looks good on my feet, it goes on my feet.”

Yetunde’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Only you can stop yourself from reaching your fullest potential. Stop fighting with yourself and just do it.”
Yetunde’s Secrets Of Success: “Passion, dedication and smart work and hard work too.”
Yetunde’s Three Favorite Films: “Merlin, The Matrix 1, Ace Ventura Pet Detective.”
Yetunde’s Three Favorite Books: “Windmill of the Gods-Sidney Sheldon; Comparative Strangers-Sara Craven; and, Evbu My Love- Helen Ovbiagele.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Yetunde: “Eleanor Roosevelt-she said no one can make you feel inferior without your consent; Nelson Mandela- he teaches me that the human spirit is capable of so much love; and, Oprah- I’ve learned from her life that when God has a purpose for you, you cannot fight it.”
The First Three Things Yetunde Would Do As President: “Change the name of the White House to something else just for kicks; mix the cabinet with all kind of parties, not just Democrats or Republicans or Independents; and, reduce the cost of Oil.”
Yetunde’s Favorite Car: “Mustang. Blame it on my brother. The sound, the energy of that car. You cannot beat it.”
Yetunde’s Five Favorite Entertainers And Their Songs: Sade Adu-Sweetest Taboo; Cherokee-Oh wee wee; Dwele- I think I love you;; Dave Koz-Only Tomorrow Knows- off the Saxophonic Album; and, Angelique Kidjo-Olajumoke.”
Yetunde’s Five Favorite Websites: “,,,,”
A Short Yetunde Story: “When I was in primary school in Nigeria at about age eight, I went home and was playing with a shaving stick and somehow, I cut a line through my left brow. My mother came home and noticed something was odd. She saw my brows screamed and decided to shave both brows off. Bad idea. Try going to school with no brows at age eight. I walked around for a month with my arm over my brows. It was horrible. I’ve since learned to arch my brows,” Yetunde laughs.

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