Sharpton outraged over delay

Rev. Sharpton– pushes for Senate confirmation of Lynch

As Senate leadership continues a historic delay in failing to confirm Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General, the National Action Network (NAN), founded by Reverend Al Sharpton and some women civil rights leaders, have launched a fasting campaign.

The fasting campaign comes on the heels of the Senate’s seemingly biased prolongation of replacing former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder with Lynch, who many believe is eminently qualified for the position.

“These outstanding women leaders are taking an exemplary moral stand that should shake the conscience of the nation as to how unfairly this qualified woman is being treated by Senate leadership,” said Reverend Al Sharpton, president and founder of NAN. “As long as the Senate refuses to take fifteen minutes to confirm someone for Attorney General that they have already confirmed twice for U.S. Attorney, NAN and our allies will do everything in our power to draw attention to this completely unfair and unnecessary delay to vote to confirm Loretta Lynch.”   

If voted in, Lynch, the current U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, would be the first Black woman to serve as the nation’s top law enforcement official.

“Senate leaders must hear the call of the people who want to see a vote called for Loretta Lynch,” said NAN National Executive Director, Janaye Ingram, in a statement to the press.

“She is a twice unanimously confirmed United States Attorney and the fact that she has yet to be confirmed, five months after the nomination is nothing more than partisan politics. We stand with Loretta Lynch and are so in support of this cause that we are willing to sacrifice our daily meals to impress upon the U.S. Senate that it’s time to call a vote.”

Activists also plan to blitz Senate offices urging support for Lynch, write letters to the editor and op-eds, and launch a social media drive trying to bring attention to the effort.

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