With Right And Left Fighting Him, Obama Must Be Measuring Up

The measure of a president’s failure is how long it takes the one who follows him to clean up the mess he made, and no president has faced as many threats and messes from every angle as Obama.


Re: “Howard Fineman, Wrong On Obama,” on blackstarnews.com September 28, 2009 and the accompanying readers’ comments to that article.


Love the juxtaposition of Miles the fringoid leftie and Matthew the fringoid rightie in adjacent comments.

You know Obama’s doing it right when both extremes hate him. If either one had a good word for him I’d be SCARED! Miles – how was the protest at the G20? Did you have a cool mask to wear? Must be hard to march on those vegan lunches.  

Seriously, Miles, given that Obama is a President and not a dictator, it’s necessary for him to bring the parties who got the juice to the table and try and get them aboard. Unfortunately, Congress has to pass single payer, not Barack, and even you can see that there is a solid core of right-wing crazies like Matthew who are scared of the government, especially if it’s not fools like Bush in charge – if you  can call his “worst president of all time” 8 years “in charge”. Also  – I know you lefties have a hard time with it, but if the banks go under, they take us with them. Dig?

And you, Matt. Well – Obama is a tough guy, and loved and respected around the world – just got back from Europe and he is considered the best thing since JFK there – and you can call him “Bambi” if you like in an attempt to denigrate him, but you and your conspiracy- theorizing wingnut pals aren’t calling the shots right now. Thank God! I know the Republicans are going WAY to the right so that if  you are on the right of the Republicans, you are storm-trooper  material! Got your little hat with the tea bags ready?  You can meet Miles at the next G20 meeting. Bet all you fringoids can agree on the threat of One World Government!

Let’s see, when we acted and talked tough, how well did that work with N. Korea and Iran? Why, Korea built and tested an atomic weapon! Good work, Bolton!  And Iran, liberated from the threat of Iraq, became the big player in the Middle East. In fact, America  went from the most respected to the most hated nation on earth – and if it got us what we wanted, I’d say to heck with opinion, but in fact there has never been such a cascade of foreign policy failures and disasters in history.  And the “Missile That Doesn’t Work” deployment in Poland?  Good idea, let’s deploy a non-functioning missile to irritate the Russians!  Typical rightie move!  Do you know  there’s a law requiring defense systems to be functional before they are deployed? 

Sounds reasonable, no?  Bush had to officially waive  that law for the system in discussion because it only functioned 3 times out of like 10 tests.  And most experts agree, it will never work in the field in any case.  This is Republican strategy at it’s  best!  150 billion dollars for nada?  No problem!  Defense shield – is that what they call it?  Hm.

I guess you’d like the U.S. to buy its cars from other countries and  put a cascade of suppliers and parts makers and dealers and all those  who depend upon them out of work – to heck with them union guys,  they’re probably Democrats anyway.  This is good Republican  thinking.  Put us out of the car business forever.  Who needs it?  We’ll sell tea bags.

The measure of a president’s failure is how long it takes the one who follows him to clean up the mess he made, and no president has faced as many threats and messes from every angle as Obama. And – I got news, Obama took office in late January and it’s now late  September.  Seems like he’s done more than any president I can remember in such a short time. 
Unless you count screwing up – in that case Bush is the champion! 100,000 dead people (which never  bothers a tough guy like Matt), Iran and N. Korea empowered and strengthened, foreign policy a shambles, a partisan takeover attempt of formerly non-partisan agencies, democracy discredited around the world, government agencies stocked incompetent cronies, government agencies spying on citizens without warrants, the U.S. name becoming synonymous with torture and illegal detention, with spectacular ineptitude displayed on every front, the economy in the worst depression since the 1930’s – well, maybe eight months won’t be enough – ya think?

And, Matt – “split” the Democratic Party – what? The Democrats are split by their nature. That’s because they allow people with different viewpoints to be members. And that doesn’t mean prison camp conspiracy theorists under the same tent with anti-tax protesters and gun-waving wingnuts. 

It means folks who actually differ on important points.  That’s the difference between the “Sieg Hiel Mein Fuhrer”  right wing and the perpetually warring Dems. I know which one I prefer!

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