With Notorious Judge McGowan off his Divorce case, Queens Doctor Hopes New One Will Remove Children’s Attorney

He's looking forward to his day in court

Dr. Mahadeo.

Dr. Robby Mahadeo, a Queens doctor, is happy that State Supreme Court Judge Margaret McGowan whom he’d accused of bias has been removed from his divorce case that’s lasted for five years now. 

He says the first thing he’ll do when the case resumes on Dec. 11 before a new judge, William Viscovich, is to ask that the attorney for the children (AFC), Rayaaz N. Khan, also be removed from the case. Khan has been the AFC since July 2015. 

“Under the legal protection of Justice Margaret McGowan, Khan has been able to abuse and exploit my three children,” says Dr. Mahadeo, a pediatric emergency medicine specialist. “I believe Khan’s conduct has caused severe and permanent psychological damage to my children who were 12, nine, and one years old at the time of his appointment.”

Black Star News has written several articles about Dr. Mahadeo’s ordeal, in addition to the case of another doctor named Siranush Cholakian, who’d also accused McGowan of bias in her own separate case. McGowan recused herself from Cholakian’s case in October. 

Dr. Mahadeo claims from the time Khan was appointed AFC, he began to alienate the children from him. Khan sent derogatory e-mail messages about him to his children and informed them that visitation with their father was “optional” and that even a judge couldn’t force them to comply. “Khan even encouraged the children’s mother, Rachael Mahadeo, to use the police to prevent my visitations,” Dr. Mahadeo says.  

As a result of biased rulings by McGowan, on the advice of Khan, Dr. Mahadeo hasn’t seen or had any communications with his two older children since December 15, 2017, he says. “Without evidence, Khan falsely accused me of feeding my daughter, who was then three years old, peanuts while knowing she was allergic. It was a complete concoction by Khan and my wife,” Dr. Mahadeo says. “Despite medical records and expert evidence which conclusively refuted this specious allegation, Khan insisted that I be restricted from providing food to my children or contact. When a trial was scheduled to determine his false claim, Khan asked McGowan to cancel the trial and she agreed.” 

Dr. Mahadeo has been restricted to seeing his three-year old child to one hour per week under supervision. Khan has objected to additional hours. 

“He is not acting as an AFC, but as an attorney for my wife, instead of independently representing the children. After he’s removed I hope his conduct is investigated,” Dr. Mahadeo says. “Khan requested a new hearing after Judge McGowan initially determined that the pre-marital agreement with my wife was valid and enforceable.”

The renowned divorce attorney, Raoul Felder, who represented Dr. Mahadeo for a short period, in a motion to Judge McGowan while she was still presiding over the case stated that Khan was admitting to legal malpractice in his motion for another trial over the prenup agreement. Even though Khan had attended the trial he later said he wasn’t aware he could have spoken and that was why he’d remained silent. Khan billed Dr. Mahadeo and was paid for the two days of the prenup trial.

“Khan even took my son, then 13-years old, to meet with the Queens district attorney to file false criminal felony charges against me, claiming I tampered with a witness in the prenup trial,” Dr. Mahadeo says. “The DA saw through the ruse and threw him out, yet Khan’s never been investigated for that misconduct. He has also acted inappropriately, telling my wife that she is more beautiful that his own wife. How can a person like this be an officer of the court?”

“This AFC has basically been using me as an ATM machine and Judge McGowan permitted, and aided and abetted this misconduct,” Dr. Mahadeo says. “I’ve already paid him $37,000, and there are pending bills of over $20,000. I plan to ask the new judge handing the case to compel Khan to produce itemized bills. I know I am entitled to refunds.” 

Dr. Mahadeo has filed complaints against Khan with the administrative judges and the Grievance Committee. He’s also written to Governor Andrew Cuomo about his case. 


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