Why Kaepernick Should Run For President

2017-08-27 13

Pundits discussing Kaepernick on espn. He’s an independent thinker, writer says.

Colin Jaepernick doesn’t have a job.
This may well be a great opportunity for the United States of America. Kaepernick should run for president.

I believe this professional football quarterback obviously has more heart and compassion than Barack Obama for the downtrodden. He has more intelligence and self-control than Donald Trump.

Many people respect him and those numbers could easily increase dramatically once the issue is debated. Let us use any talent that presents itself because we need all the help we can get as a nation. Mr. Kaepernik is an outsider who already shows a capacity for independent thinking and action and he has the courage to go against the current grain without whittling.

He would probably even stand up to the Pentagon which has usurped all monetary and political power in this country as its almost $640 billion budget shows. The Pentagon’s discretionary spending typically averages 54% of all discretionary spending. The U.S. education budget is about $70 billion.

Kaepernick would probably redirect government spending to things the people really want and need. Just like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Kaepernick has a foundation that really connects with and helps real people in real time.

Who has been been helped by Hillary Clinton’s foundation or Trump’s? Let us dare to think about our future.

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