Why Did Cornel Abandon Tavis For Boyce Watkins?


Cornel West used to appear with Tavis all the time

[Column: Beneath The Spin]

Here’s what makes these poverty pimps like Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Boyce Watkins so insidious. They network and travel in packs like jackals.

Now we see West teaming up with Boyce Watkins. He’s a little slicker than Tavis Smiley. He’s well practiced in trying to appear objective and even handed, but he’s a Tavis Smiley wannabe. I don’t know what party he’s registered in, but Boyce Watkins is a conservative. He owns several online sites where he hides his identity and spews conservative-leaning propaganda against President Obama.

One site that he seems to be particularly fond of is “Black Blue Dog.com.” A Blue Dog Democrat is a person who’s registered as a Democrat, but votes Republican. The logo on Black Blue Dog.com says it all – “The Black People that Liberals Don’t Want to Talk About.”

While there’s nothing wrong with his being a conservative, nor criticizing President Obama, Boyce Watkins should, at the very least, let people know where he’s coming from so they’ll have the necessary information to place his comments into perspective. Watkins is also like Tavis Smiley in that he generates his own controversy, and then cover it like it’s a news story. Check out the following:

Is this a news story or an undercover commercial?

Dr. Cornel West: America has become Morally Obscene

Pay particular attention to the last paragraph:

“We hope you’ll spend the few dollars it takes to give your family a wealth of knowledge that will last them for generations. You can make a purchase here.”

The link leads directly to Boyce Watkins’ bank account. It’s the identical method of operation as Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. There’s an election coming up, so they put out this book, and then generate controversy and cover it like a news story during the election season.  In the case of Tavis and West, did you notice that after the election and the initial interest in the book cooled, the “Poverty Tour” also came to an abrupt end as well?

Washington, D.C. trial attorney, former prosecutor, and member of the Supreme Court bar, Debbie Hines, points out the following:

“Apparently, Tavis Smiley fails to see the hypocrisy in taking money from Walmart as a sponsor of the Tavis Smiley show while allegedly supporting and crusading for poor people. According to the Nation, ‘Walmart is one of the biggest recipients of government subsidies, receiving tax breaks, free land, cash grants and other forms of public assistance, in addition to paying some of its workers so little that they also turn to the federal government for programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).’

“Meanwhile Walmart’s response to the Thanksgiving protest was not to meet and discuss the workers’ concerns. Instead, acting like the corporate giant ruling over its workers, in response, Walmart has filed a National Labor Relations Board charge alleging that the pickets are illegal and asking for a judge to shut them down, while simultaneously claiming the strike involves only a ‘handful of associates, at a handful of stores scattered across the country that are participating in these…made for-TV events.”’

Also of note is it seems the Cornel West has jilted Tavis Smiley for Boyce Watkins. West has left the radio show that he and Tavis co-hosted, and he didn’t even show up or extend a public congratulations after Tavis bought himself that $30,000 star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – and that’s not like West, who’s renowned for being willing to sell a kidney for a sound byte. Now he shows up here with Boyce Watkins, another hustler.

I’m very curious about that. Tavis and West used to be attached at the hip like they were one body with two heads, but now it seems like West has seriously distanced himself from him. Did Cornel finally see the light, or did he just abandon ship because he didn’t want to go down with the Tavis? If the former is true, and West has finally found out what Tavis is about, if he really loves his people like he claims, doesn’t he have a responsibility to tell us what he’s learned? After all, he bad-mouths everybody else.

And finally, here’s something we should keep in mind, and I’ve repeatedly shown in several articles with respect to these poverty pimps:

In his article, “My Republican Party has Abandoned Me,” Black Republican activist, Raynard Jackson, says the following:

“For many years, I have approached the party and its supporters about underwriting programs to bring together Blacks who are Republican or lean Republican so we can weave them into every facet of the party structure. The answer is always, no! But, twice this year some of these same people have approached me about funding for some election year tricks that they (White Republicans) have conjured up and simply need a Black face to execute the plan. On these two separate occasions, these funders were willing to spend upwards of $20 million to have me organize a national campaign to identify Blacks who would be critical of President Obama.”

Enough said? When we hear Black people who weren’t saying a word under the gross corruption of Bush and Cheney, but now, all of a sudden under Obama, they just can’t hold back their disgust, we need to keep Raynard Jackson’s statement in mind. Twenty million dollars is a lot of money, but it’s a drop in the bucket to the Koch Brothers, or Wal-Mart.



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