Who Needs The Truth When Spin Is Much More Profitable?

Tavis and West: Do the people they’re associated with warrant our trust, and where are they getting the money to finance their so-called "Poverty Tours?"

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The New American Pastime – Ignoring the Truth to Accommodate a Lie

As I watch the political machinations of extremists of every stripe in this country, it occurred to me that maybe I should write a book of

That seems to be the only way left to slip a little truth in to the American people. The people of this country have been lied to for so long and so consistently, that they’ve become much more responsive to a well articulated lie than they are to reality. So at this point, a work of fiction would have to be about fairies and pixy dust not to come closer to the truth than what currently passes for political reality in America.

Over the past 30 years we’ve allowed the most extremist forces in America to take over our political environment. As a result, truth no longer matters. What’s become more important is how effectively truth can be distorted to conform to a given ideology.

This philosophy has become so fully embraced by our society that instead of the press digging for the truth as was traditionally the case, they’re now more like handicappers, reporting on whose lie is likely to play most effectively with the American people, as in: “Mitt Romney’s latest lie on job creation seems to be polling well in the battle ground states.”

But lying is not limited to the GOP.

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have also elevated lying and demagoguery to unprecedented levels in the Black community. With their highly innovative “Poverty Tour” scam, Tavis and West are using Obama’s-not-Black-enough rhetoric, along with impossible demands, to marginalize the President.

The tactic is designed to anger Black people and drive them away from the polls. That, in turn, benefits the GOP, and delights Tavis and West’s corporate benefactors – ca-ching!

But in spite of the fact that every available indicator, and simple common sense, suggests that Tavis and West are, let’s say, less than sincere about their deep concern for the poor and middle class, there are people who are so passionate about their own one-issue ideology that they find it more convenient to embrace a lie than to face the truth.

For such people, the truth is inconvenient, so it doesn’t matter how hard Tavis and West are fighting to bolster the position of the GOP, a group whose sole purpose in life is to cut the throats of the poor and middle class. Instead of facing this truth, they’d rather be angry at President Obama for refusing to shove their personal religious beliefs down the throat of the rest of America.

Thus, instead of facing the reality that corporate fascists are poised to change the very character of American as we’ve known it, these people would rather embrace smoke and mirrors, and promote arguments that distort reality in a way that conforms to their particular ideology.

In short, the American people have been conditioned to give ideology priority over truth.
 I mean, what do you say to a man who says, President Obama is un-American because he’s engaged in a socialist plot to make sure my family has health care? And what do you say to people who take the position that Obama is an arrogant elitist, or to paraphrase Rick Santorum: “How dare he try to send my kids to college?”

And then there are the people who say, “Sure, Obama stopped the the country from hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs a month under Bush and then created more jobs in 27 months than Bush did in 7 years, but that’s not good enough, so we need to go back to the old way.”

There’s nothing logical left to say to such people. They’re immune to logic, so the only thing left is to write a book of fiction to give them a sneak peak at the kind of world they’re asking for – and I was thinking, maybe it would help to have it animated and starring Yogi Bear. But I’ve decided to try logic one more time. 
Do You Think Nationwide Is On Your Side?: So first, let’s be real. A blind man could see that Tavis and West are pimping the Black community. They’re clearly placing their agenda before what’s in the best interest of the people.

They’re making money, and they’re also pursuing a four-year long vendetta. Now, I’m not saying that they’re being paid directly in response to an agreed upon quid pro quo, but rather, with a wink, a nod, and a slap on the back in corporate sponsorships –which helps to keep them propped up as high profile players. There are many ways for the corporate establishment to reward “good-boy” behavior other than passing bags filled with cash in dark alleys.
 What about West’s $30,000 speaking fees, the
corporate purchase of their books in mass numbers, and media

In his article, “My Republican Party has Abandoned Me,” Black Republican activist, Raynard Jackson, says the following:

“For many years, I have approached the party and its supporters about underwriting programs to bring together Blacks who are Republican or lean Republican so we can weave them into every facet of the party structure. The answer is always, no! But, twice this year some of these same people have approached me about funding for some election year tricks that they (White Republicans) have conjured up and simply need a Black face to execute the plan. On these two separate occasions, these funders were willing to spend upwards of $20 million to have me organize a national campaign to identify Blacks who would be critical of President Obama.”

Now, do you really believe that in this contentious election, where the Republican Party has unlimited funds and are willing to do anything to win, that some of that money is not finding its way into the pocket of two of the highest profile, Black Obama bashers in the country? That’s highly unlikely – especially since one of those bashers, Tavis smiley, is closely associated with Walmart and several other charter members of “ALEC.”

Their rationale just doesn’t make sense. Tavis and West claim that they’re going to vote for Obama; they simply want to stimulate discussion. Well, if that were true, couldn’t they wait until after the election, and after we’ve made sure that we’ve protected the the interest of poor and middle-class America and the Black community from corporate fascists, and then have this “intelligent and passionate” discussion?

But of course, Tavis and West would argue that once reelected, President Obama wouldn’t have an incentive to listen. But that’s not true. Every president is concerned about his legacy, and as the first Black president that’s even more true of Obama than most. In addition, President Obama has two daughters who’ll have to live with his legacy for the rest of their lives. Thus, President Obama’s actions in office will determine whether they live their lives as American princesses, or pariahs. Certainly the highly intellectual Cornel West recognizes that fact – doesn’t he?

At this point, I’m sure there are Tavis and West Supporters who would say that I’m being unfair. But the fact is, I’m following Cornel West’s own prescription on how to determine who to trust. When Barack Obama failed to come on Tavis Smiley’s “State of Black America” show in 2008 – the very day that he threw his hat in the ring to run for President of the United States – Cornel West jumped up and down wanting to know, “Where are you getting your money?”

He also said, that Obama was involved with people “who warrant our distrust.” Okay. Well, Tavis and West are always talking about accountability, so lets hold them to the same standard. Do the people they’re associated with warrant our trust, and where are they getting the money to finance their so-called “Poverty Tours?”

And there’s an irony here, by the way. In the link below, notice the logos in the background while West    West is preaching his sermon on trust – Wells Fargo and Exxon/Mobil, both members of ALEC.

Now let’s take a look at the people who Tavis and West want us to trust:

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