Where Are The Inspired Prophetic Leaders Of America Today?

America needs someone like Martin Luther King today, but who, what, where, and how?

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It is manifestly apparent that America needs a prophet today, that is, a wise leader who can sift the wheat from the chaff, the truth from all the claims and assertions, and the proper direction from all the self-aggrandizing prescriptions. America needs a Moses who can stand up to all the lies and oppressions, and lead out in a peaceful and enlightened direction. America needs someone like Martin Luther King today, but who, what, where, and how?

One can learn about prophets by reading the Bible, but also the works of other great prophets like Confucius, Zoroaster, Muhammad, Buddha. Because of great religious leaders like these, we tend to think all prophets are founders of flocks of religion.

But there are a couple of other classes of prophets in history. We might call these two groups secular prophets and national prophets.

Secular prophets are worried about people whose views of life have become very narrow and excessively private due to a lack of knowledge. National prophets see everyone in all flocks in trouble. We have forgotten, too, that many of the great “religious” prophets were also secular prophets and prophets of nations.

Today, we certainly have a vestige of original prophetic leadership in the chief pastors of our many churches. Many parishioners follow those leaders like true prophets, keepers of the ancient flame of authority and righteousness. But church prophets are devoted mainly to their own flock, and devoted to others outside their flock mainly as prospects for conversion to the flock.

On the other hand, secular prophets and national prophets are life-long learners turned teachers. These other kinds of prophets do not go to church very often, because there is not always much to learn there.

The very ancient religious people were much more broadminded and holistic-minded than religious people are today. They accepted as prophets those who made discoveries in science, and particularly health science. The most humane God of all, the best heavenly parent of all, they reasoned, wanted to help people survive and be well. So, if we think they were on to something, health- and healing-consciousness, including social and emotional healing, must be taken as a sign of a true and great prophet, someone like Jesus.

A prophet of nations necessarily knows about law, and particularly the foundational law of democracy, the system of government set up by the faith-motivated founders of Rome, Greece, Israel, and America. A prophet of nations necessarily knows about history, about the way society tends to go when current trends fall outside of reason and law.

A true prophet is virtually always opposed to monarchy, oligarchy, and aristocracy, because those systems of government are self-avowedly discriminatory. They are based on the idea that some people are made better than others in their souls, in their skins, in their families.

A prophet is often very critical and comes judging everything roundabout, since it has become clear society has moved away from its responsibility to decide between what is good and what is not good. Current society says “It’s all good.” The prevailing philosophy says that anything that stands in the way of pure liberty is bad. If measures to curb pestilence are promoted, those measures, though good, are called evil and people and institutions promoting them are called evil too.

A prophet leaves a record of his/her views, admonitions, correctives, judgments and encouragements. These are generally ignored until such time as they are fulfilled in spades, and then people start paying attention to the teachings.

It’s time to look for for prophet-leaders who care about religious matters, secular matters, and national matters. Our current leaders are not doing so well.

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